LTS IP Security Camera Systems

LTS IP Security Camera Systems

One of the biggest complaints A1 Security Cameras receives from customers looking for modern CCTV systems is the expensive price tag that comes with the products and the entire process. Most often, our team directs those exact customers to our catalog of LTS IP security camera systems. Despite the low prices of these bundles, LTS Security has developed its modern line of LTS IP cameras, LTS recorders, and other included products to function with some of the most sophisticated features on the market. Such features often in modern LTS IP security camera systems include 24/7 color, high ingress ratings per IP camera, H.265 Compression, MicroSD support for edge recording, and more that give any potential owner a serious security advantage. Available for commercial and residential installations, purchase your LTS IP security camera system from A1 Security Cameras today!

Recognized Features of LTS IP Security Camera Systems

Built with an intelligent design and a focus on affordability, each LTS IP security camera system produces quality video footage that can be reviewed through the recorder directly or remotely through LTS Connect. On top of those mentioned, commercial and residential customers alike will find these bundles offer various functions meant to improve each aspect of your CCTV system. Many found in modern LTS camera and recorder bundles include:

Advanced Analytics: It is fast becoming the norm for both top-of-the-line and cheap security cameras to detect movement within their field of vision. Whether by vehicle, animal, or person, many LTS IP security camera systems are capable of differentiating between the three. Better yet, the owner can have his or her system send alerts based on a personalized criteria. That can mean detecting movement in specific areas, ignoring animals or vehicles passing by, and more. While not in older systems, this feature is fast becoming standard in newer LTS CCTV bundles. 

Alarm and Access Control Interface: In most industries, the demand for automation is greater than ever before. For the most effective result in any setting, modern LTS IP security camera systems have thus been made easier to integrate with other security systems like alarms, access control, and more. 

True WDR: When it comes to getting the best possible image from your surveillance, true WDR is a feature you absolutely need. Using a built-in digital image processor and two image sensors, the security camera scans each frame twice to touch up any spots that need attention before displaying each through the stream or footage. Common in LTS IP cameras, this feature is perfect for offices, storage rooms, warehouses, and more that need strict attention to detail. 

Plug and Play: Whether you trust a professional team to set up your LTS IP security camera system or go DIY, many LTS IP cameras are now made for an easy setup. Exactly as it sounds, products featured as plug and play are directly configurable upon being connected to the recorder through direct wiring or by a local WiFi connection. For small businesses and homeowners, this feature allows for a quick yet reliable installation of a security camera system. 

Upgrade to an LTS IP Security Camera System in DFW!

As an affordable option for CCTV, an LTS IP security camera system is the perfect option for those needing to upgrade from analog to digital. Residents and business owners of Dallas Fort Worth can have this done for them by choosing the A1 Security Cameras team for a partial or entire system upgrade. With so many options available to you, our system design service can also help decide exactly what you need so your home or business has the best security edge possible!

Local LTS IP Security Camera System Installations!

Whether you need system design help, upgrades, or an entire installation, residents and business owners of Dallas Fort Worth can trust A1 Security Cameras to get it done. Our professional team of technicians has years of experience in the area implementing access control, surveillance, and more so that every client that requests our help can have the edge in their security. With the products shown throughout our site, you too can get an LTS IP security camera system installed in Dallas Fort Worth when you schedule an appointment with our installation team today!