Indoor Camera Systems

Indoor Camera Systems

Whether you’re a business manager that needs to enforce company policy or a home-owning parent needing to have an extra eye on the kids, an indoor camera system from A1 Security Cameras is one of the best tools for you to have at your disposal. While featuring a lower a lower ingress standard level than outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras are still capable of featuring all of the functions expected from modern surveillance like edge recording support, motion detection, quality night vision, and more. Not only that, but the CCTV recorders used in our indoor camera system also offer the best functions innovated in the surveillance industry. Especially for systems with an NVR, such functions include H.265 compression support, remote streaming, and more. Purchase your indoor camera system from A1 Security Cameras today!

Fire Protection & Monitoring


Intrusion Detection


Excellent Video Quality

Thanks to the innovation in the surveillance market, the vast majority of modern security cameras feature an adjustable setting for video quality. Like other electronic systems that use video, there is a wide array of video quality available to you to choose from. Keep in mind, while higher quality like 4K is possible, it will also take up more space and may require a larger hard drive.

Powerful Color Night Vision

While in the past, night vision would be limited to poor quality black and white, current night vision quality is offered in full color at a high definition. This allows you to see everything in low light to a full nighttime setting and enjoy an edge after dark. In addition, while limited based on the infrared light built into each indoor security camera, an indoor camera system is often more effective than outdoor surveillance CCTV at covering low light spaces.

Live View

At the time of writing, almost every brand featured on the A1 Security Cameras online store features remote viewing capabilities by phone and most remote devices. So whether you’re just driving away from the office or halfway across the world, you can check on your surveillance by live-streaming it through your smartphone or logged-in computer.

Technical Support

For residents and businesses in Dallas Fort Worth, you can enjoy superior installation, integration, design, and upgrade services for your outdoor and indoor camera system by the A1 Security Cameras installation team. With years of experience garnered by each technician, we are always ready to build a system that meets your needs and offers you the edge in security you deserve. Schedule your installation appointment today!


As shown, each security camera and recorder included with each indoor camera system offers advanced features that improve the security of any business or household. On top of that, customers are not just limited to the cameras shown in each bundle. By contacting our sales team before your purchase, you can enjoy many more options like different camera designs, more capable recorders, combinations with outdoor systems, and more!

Indoor Camera Systems

Perfect for restaurants, homes, offices, condos, warehouses, and more, each indoor camera system offered by A1 Security Cameras provides the best result for anyone needing surveillance inside their home or business. Supporting a wide array of sophisticated functions, each bundle features either analog or IP cameras paired with a DVR or NVR manufactured by the most popular brands on our online store. Moreover, each recorder can be chosen based on hard drive capacity and the number of cameras supported by the device so you can get exactly what you need. Perfect for anyone needing to manage their employees or parents needing extra security when trying to raise a family, purchase your indoor camera system today!

Indoor Security Camera Systems FAQ

Indoor Surveillance Camera Systems About

Oculur, Dahua, Hikvision, LTS Security, Vivotek and Pelco Indoor Surveillance Camera Systems products are at A1 Security Cameras.

We understand that Video Surveillance Systems can be complicated to design. A1 Security Cameras has a team of expert consultants here to help. Do not hesitate to call us toll free at (866) 441-2288. Do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can design the right security camera system for your needs.

We divided our IP Security Cameras section by application type to make it easier for our customers view the products per their application. In our "Indoor IP Security Cameras" category, you would find the products that are normally identified as:

◾Dome Security Cameras ◾Bullet Security Camera Systems ◾PTZ Security Camera Systems ◾Turret Security Camera Systems ◾Box Security Camera Systems

in security cameras industry. We put them all together to allow an easy comparison between different technologies that are used for same environment.Please let us know if you have any questions via online chat, phone call or email. You can also fill out our "Contact Us" form and we will get back to you as soon as it is our business hours.

There are several types of IP cameras. While the indoor IP camera is the most basic of network cameras, they include a wide range of useful features. An indoor IP camera’s main responsibility is capturing high resolution images. These days, IP cameras have features which can fit almost any surveillance application. Although some states require a notification, some indoor network camera have built in or external microphone inputs. This allows users to both capture stunning video and crystal clear audio using the same device. A traditional CCTV security camera system would use two devices with two types of cable creating clutter. With the use of PoE (powering devices through an ethernet cable) an indoor network camera can record audio, transmit video, and draw electricity from a single cable. An indoor camera can be configured to upload still photos to a remote location while recording high definition locally.

Some cameras have built in memory slots for an added level of redundancy. Advanced configuration can ask an indoor IP camera to send text messages, emails, and even phone calls. Some IP cameras even have built in speakers! A user can record a message to be played if the camera detects motion alerting an intruder that video is being stored remotely for example. Infrared illuminators and a wide range of lens options makes an indoor network camera a must have for high resolution camera systems. Low millimeter lenses are recommended for areas needing wide coverage. Areas requiring long distance recording should have high millimeter lenses. Cameras with lower lens numbers produce wider shots. The higher the number, the farther it can see. For small applications, a single IP camera can be used with a laptop for a single camera high definition security system. Indoor IP cameras do not require monthly costs. The features are included with the purchase of the camera. For dark spaces, infrared is recommended.

How Can A1 Security Cameras Help You?

We have designed hundreds if not thousands of Indoor Camera Systems. A1 Security Cameras has a team of experts with years of hands on experience. When we mean "hands on experience", we mean climbing up the ladder, running cables, testing security cameras of all sorts and designing all sorts of Indoor security systems for different scenarios. In layman's terms, we are more like Home Depot when it comes to security cameras. We have the expertise to help you make decision between brands, technologies, products.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do everything to design the right security camera system for you.

Why should you buy an indoor security camera system?

When it comes to an outdoor and indoor camera system, there are several advantages to be gained by any household or business. Simply based on statistics alone, businesses with office spaces or stored products will experience anything from theft to outright criminal activity by criminals and employees alike. Businesses that have an indoor camera system installed are better equipped to enforce internal policies, pay better attention to the health of employees, spot trouble areas, and deploy solutions in a quick fashion even in a fast-paced environment. Moreover, when paired with alarms and access control, business managers can gain an edge in security. Such examples include locking down an area during a break-in, activating an alarm during a breach, and enjoying a visual record of unauthorized access for later reprimands.

Homeowners, especially those with a growing family, can likewise enjoy a safer environment for children and pets. Whether it is remote alerts for when motion detection is active, to keep an eye on the babysitter, or to offer a monitoring system for pets while you are away, an indoor camera system is an effective way to keep the house safe. Moreover, homeowners that use parts of their home for business purposes like renting or product storage can get reassurance that everything is going well thanks to the installation of an indoor camera system.

It should be noted that while each indoor camera system offered on this page is an excellent option by itself for places like offices, homes, warehouses, and more, we would be remiss if there was no mention of outdoor cameras as well. While the indoor security cameras offered with each bundle feature some of the best functions, they are not necessarily designed for outdoor use unless specified in the title and content of the product page. In the occasion that any option does state that the indoor security cameras are for outdoor use or simply say “outdoor,” then the indoor camera system itself is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Which is the best indoor camera system?

Whether you choose one of the options offered here or build your own indoor camera system, the simple truth is that there are an obscene amount of options available. While A1 Security Cameras hosts the top brands in the surveillance industry, we will answer this question with the best-selling indoor camera system bundles we have offered at the time of writing. It should be noted prior that each branded bundle is capable in its own right, as each comes from the biggest names in the surveillance industry.

Oculur: The flagship surveillance brand of A1 Security Cameras, Oculur indoor security cameras offer all of the benefits provided by more prominent brands at a much lower price. Designed to feature an easy setup process, this system is equally as perfect for those unfamiliar with surveillance as those that are professionally acquainted. Better yet, each Oculur indoor camera system offered here features up to 2K video footage quality, 100ft infrared range, wide angle coverage, and more. Like the easy-to-configure recorder shown with Oculur bundles, these outdoor and indoor security cameras also feature an easy process for the entire setup process. While we recommend trusting a professional for installation, these cameras are some of the best for DIY.  

LTS Security: Most certainly among the top three most sold surveillance brands from A1 Security Cameras across all relevant of our categories, each LTS indoor camera system is also a popular choice to consider. Most known for their reliably durable security cameras, LTS IP cameras most notably feature sophisticated features like night vision, remote viewing, motion detection, and more. Recorders just as well offer excellent compression and video analytics technology that makes the entire system efficient. However, best of all with LTS systems is the warranty provided when purchasing from A1 Security Cameras and the support for technical support.

Dahua: As one of the top five most popular surveillance brands in the world, Dahua offers a high level of intelligence in each product for a more affordable price when compared to similar brands. Responsible for Smart H.265+ Encoders, ePOE technology, and more, each indoor camera system by this brand features some of the most sought-after features in the industry, perfect for homeowners and businesses alike.

What is the safest indoor camera system?

By design, each indoor camera system offered by A1 Security Cameras is functionally and physically safe to deploy in any location, with each providing excellent surveillance results. Cybernetically, each bundle is secure by design due to each featuring the capability for a wired connection. Unlike other brands across the surveillance market, A1 Security Cameras makes no secret that we lean towards hard-wired security cameras over wireless due to the more reliable signal and more secure security apparatus regardless if it is by itself or integrated with other types of security.

Regarding safety based on legality, A1 Security Cameras recommends reviewing our NDAA Guide, as some brands listed here are unfortunately affected. If your company is affected by such policies put in place by the United States government, our team has several options for you to choose from with detailed lists of American surveillance brands, European surveillance brands, and NDAA-compliant products offered by each brand featured in our online store. Such a list can also be found on each brand page on the top left.

When the safety of the product is also discussed, customers should consider the Ingress Standard rating system. While one should always keep their recorder in a dry and secure location inside a building, the ingress standard rating system determines whether each security camera is meant for indoor or outdoor use. Applying to durability, resistance to particles, and waterproofing, understanding this rating system is one of the best ways to get exactly what you want when considering an outdoor and indoor camera system. Put simply, a lower score means the camera is less resistant to dust, water, and impact while a high score means it is designed to be more resistant. While cords can be resistant to normal weather conditions if explicitly stated, we also encourage customers to have these parts of the security camera system covered as well for maximum protection.

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Indoor Camera Systems are surveillance solutions for indoor settings. Offices, restaurants, warehouses, etc. Indoor cameras come with outstanding HD resolutions and many technologies, but the most notable of their function comes from WDR -- Wide Dynamic Range (most popular security camera technologies). This technology takes on strongly contrasted lighting settings and makes them clear. Ordinarily, and just for example, if you have a window with natural sunlight coming through, and it's washing into the indoor colors, cameras struggle to capture those images. But with WDR, a camera can parse between the various lighting coming in to still produce a very clear picture. Coming with both the video recorders and cameras, indoor HD security camera systems offer packaged security surveillance solutions.

Indoor Camera Systems