In 2019, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) banned the selling or installing of the products by several companies primarily based in the People’s Republic of China.

NDAA Compliant: A Complete Guide

NDAA Compliant: A Complete Guide

In 2019, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) banned the selling or installing of the products by several companies primarily based in the People’s Republic of China. Furthermore, parts made by such companies that are included in other products or are OEM will be subject to enhanced scrutiny or restriction due to section 889 compliance. Furthermore, in 2021, the United States Congress passed a bill banning the import and sale of products by both Hikvision and Dahua, taking effect within the near future after the president signed it into law.

A1 Security Cameras does not officially take a political position as a security camera system installer and seller. However, due to the subject matter of recent international politics, we will provide a simple summary of the events that may affect you and what they mean. We also feature a list of each brand we offer on our site, including the country of origin.

Hikvision and Dahua banned by us government

As of October 22nd, 2021, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill that will eventually ban Hikvision and Dahua manufactured devices from both being imported and sold. The bill was later signed by the president shortly thereafter. According to the reasoning written into the specific bill, the ban comes due to the heightened national security risk the propagation of such devices represents. These companies are also included with three more additional Chinese companies: Huawei, ZTE, and Hytera. On top of such a ban brought about by section 889 compliance, companies that are considered OEM in relation to any of the original Chinese manufacturers will be subject to new restrictions and scrutiny in relation to federal use.

NDAA compliant list

  1. Axis Communications
  2. ACTi
  3. Bosch
  4. Digital Watchdog
  5. Mobotix
  6. Pelco
  7. Samsung Hanwha
  8. Speco
  9. Vivotek

NDAA compliant banned company list

  1. ZTE Corporation
  2. Dahua Technology Company
  3. Huawei Technologies Company
  4. Hytera Communications Corporation
  5. Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company

NDAA compliant brands

A1 Security Cameras offers plenty of brands that are absolutely compliant with the general NDAA and section 889 specifically. Below, we have provided a list of each business that produces such compliant products, and each is well known throughout the security industry:

Axis: Founded in 1984, Axis is a Swedish company that specializes in NDAA compliant access control, audio surveillance, video recorders, security cameras, and more. Since their founding, Axis security cameras have been among the top contenders for some of the most advanced in the market and are known for their reliability.

ACTi: Founded in 2003, ACTi is a Taiwanese company specializing in NDAA compliant security cameras and recorders while also producing access control, accessories, and more. Devices by ACTi are recognized for their capability and compatibility with other surveillance products outside of their own brand.  

Bosch: Founded in 1886, Bosch is a German company that began making quality NDAA compliant security products like their security cameras, recorders, and motion detectors in the 1990s. Trusted worldwide, Bosch is commonly implemented in the most trusted organizations like fire departments, educational institutions, entertainment facilities, and more.

Digital Watchdog: Digital Watchdog is an American company founded in 1987 with specializations in NDAA compliant security cameras, software, recorders, accessories, and the majority of products that go into such systems. This company is fast becoming one of the top names recognized in the security camera industry, used widely worldwide thanks to the quality of their products.

Mobotix: Mobotix is a German company founded in 1999 and specializes in NDAA compliant access control, security camera system accessories, audio surveillance, and security cameras. Not only recognized for the efficiency their products store high definition video footage, but this company also developed the first weatherproof webcam with a digital image sensor and integrated PC. Cameras for this manufacturer are commonly used in low and high importance areas globally.

Pelco: Pelco is an American company founded in 1957, specializing in NDAA compliant security cameras, recorders, accessories, and more. This company is commonly used in homes and businesses through advanced cameras and recorders.

Samsung: The company known as Samsung Hanwha Techwin was founded in Korea during 1977 and soon became acknowledged for its high-quality products. This company specializes in NDAA compliant security cameras, video recorders, and related accessories that entirely enhance the system across the board.  

Speco: Speco is an American company founded in 1958 that specializes in NDAA compliant audio surveillance products, security cameras, video recorders, related accessories, and make fantastic security camera systems. Known throughout their residential and commercial use, this company produces impressive CCTV and internet protocol cameras.

Vivotek: Vivotek is a Taiwanese company established in 2000 with a specialty for high-end security cameras, recorders, and related accessories that have proven reliability and quality. With each product being NDAA compliant, customers using Vivotek are sure to enjoy better performance from their security camera system!

If you’re looking for more information on any of the products made by these manufacturers on A1 Security Cameras, do not be afraid to contact us. From first-time homeowners and managers of small businesses to representatives of United States federal agencies, we work with every customer to get exactly what you need for security.  

Why are they banned in the United States?

What is an OEM?

OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturer and is typically used to describe a company that makes parts specifically for the implementation into another company’s products. Hikvision, for example, has a massive list of companies it produces OEM parts for. Such products, security systems, and more are not banned by section 889 in the NDAA bill from regular use across the United States, just restricted from federal use. Furthermore, these devices will not necessarily stop working after the policies in the previously mentioned bill are implemented. Simply put, OEM products are still a viable option for home business owners globally. However, for those that still have concerns, A1 Security Cameras has created a list of Non-Chinese Security Camera Manufacturers that fit NDAA compliance to choose from for your consideration.

Why are they banned in the United States?

According to the United States government in the NDAA bill, companies like Dahua and Hikvision feature an inherent risk to national security. After more than a few occasions of discovered security breaches, those representing intelligence agencies and national security see the devices as an avenue for the Chinese government to infiltrate the US through cybernetic espionage. Furthermore, due to companies like Hikvision partnering with the Chinese military to develop more advanced militaristic solutions, lawmakers see it as a safe assumption to take action against the manufacturer and companies similar to it like Dahua and Huawei. Ergo, section 889 compliance will be enforced at the federal level. Both of the latter companies have also made similar commitments to the communist government. This has also given Congress ample reason to restrict contractors and government entities to a list of NDAA compliant cameras.

How does this affect me?

When concerning federal agencies and contractors, manufactured products by Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei, other banned companies, and those that use them as OEM must remove such devices from use immediately to be NDAA Section 889 compliant. In addition, those that are federal contractors for the United States government will no longer be considered for business if such a measure is not internally taken.

There does not necessarily need to be any action taken for home and business owners in the immediate future. However, it should be noted that there will be less support for products banned by the United States government due to the passing of the bill. Furthermore, specific replacements may be more difficult to ascertain primarily due to the NDAA bill banning Hikvision and Dahua. However, A1 Security Cameras has a massive catalog of security cameras, recorders, and more for you to choose from. In addition, our professionals are ready to help you find the best solution for your needs if in the case you need to replace your device with a product under a different brand. We can still provide you with each of our presented products and can also fully follow NDAA section 889 compliance

What is the Secure Equipment Act?

As of 2021, the Federal Communication Commission will no longer provide review or approval for any authorization application of products and equipment in relation to a list of banned manufacturers, companies, and other related entities in accordance with the NDAA section 889. As the system works, authorization is required for distribution in the United States of America, and the status of banned for any entity restricts related products from being distributed.

What is NDAA Compliance?

It is not an organization or federal agency but an annual bill. The NDAA, acronym for National Defense Authorization Act, is the federal laws and costs authorized for the United States Department of Defense. Since 1661, Congress has implemented such rules annually to help faster implement national and international policies and processes committed to by the US Department of Defense.

What is NDAA Section 889 compliance?

Signed into law in 2019 through the National Defense Authorization Act, Section 889 compliance explicitly prohibits United States federal entities, recipients of grants or loans, and contractors from using equipment or products banned by the United States. In addition, the section laid the groundwork for the later 2020 and 2021 list of prohibited manufacturers from gaining approval when seeking to do any business in the United States.

What are some government-approved security cameras?

What are some government-approved security cameras?

A1 Security Cameras offers several security camera options in our extensive catalog for you to choose from. Furthermore, we have made several lists based upon the country of origin each manufacturer is based in. Our team can also provide customers globally with system design help to make doubly sure your security camera system is designed to entirely legal parameters.

Non-Chinese Security Camera Manufacturers are entirely available through A1 Security Cameras for customers in the United States and globally.

A1 Security Cameras has taken the liberty to write a list of European Security Camera Manufacturers available on our site for your preference. Such developers like Axis, Bosch, and Mobotix are widely respected for their quality devices and capable security camera systems.

Furthermore, A1 Security Cameras has written a list detailing the security camera manufacturers based in the United States. Unfortunately, many American brands use OEM parts; however, that will likely change such a policy within the near future as the legislation is fully implemented.

When you need further information or services, like our installation services for residents and businesses of Dallas Fort Worth, reach out to A1 Security Cameras today. Our professional team makes doubly sure that your security camera system is implemented to your exact specifications and can follow NDAA compliance. Better yet, we make every endeavor to make sure each device meets your standard. Contact us today!

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