Formally known as Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co, Uniview is an excellent option for those needing security cameras and recorders. Recognized for their internet protocol cameras, Uniview began as a division of H3C before being founded in 2005 and then going independent in 2011. The company is currently headquartered in Hangzhou, China. As the third-largest surveillance company in China, the company has over a decade of experience while specializing in surveillance products like security cameras, network video recorders, surveillance management software, and more.

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Is Uniview a Chinese company?

Yes, Uniview Technologies is a Chinese company founded in Hangzhou, China in 2005. The majority of products by Uniview are also manufactured in the same location. However, some manufacturing plants are in other global locations, with one notable plant in Coppell, Texas. 

Is Uniview NDAA compliant?

Uniview claims to have two brands not affected by the NDAA ban, the Prime I and Prime II, but research is required to verify the country of origin. Despite having a manufacturing plant in Texas, the vast majority of Uniview products are banned by the standards set by the United States in the NDAA, more specifically section 889. With reference to the A1 Security Cameras NDAA Guide, federal contractors and entities will have difficulty using Uniview products due to the restrictions set by the government. 

Are Uniview cameras good?

Uniview internet protocol cameras and general CCTV is often recognized for their exceptional performance. With excellent results in 1080P or high definition, most cameras by this brand provide excellent performance across the board. Furthermore, something noteworthy about many Uniview products is the implementation of their starlight technology, which provides solid night vision compared to other brands on the market.

What app does Uniview use?

Uniview has developed an app known as EZView that specifically for remote viewing of security camera feeds through the phone. Found on both Android and iPhone, this application allows a surveillance system owner to manage their entire security system from arming, unarming, adjusting audio input, NVR management, camera control, and more. 

How do I access my UNV camera?

Accessing your Uniview devices is easy when you have an Ezcloud account. Upon making one, you can add each of your devices to your profile and manage each as needed. Furthermore, after making an account you can just as easily login through your phone and enjoy access wherever you are. 

What is the default IP of UNV cameras?

  • Default static IP:
  • Default subnet mask

How do I change my IP on my UNV camera?

Log into your Uniview recorder and access internet explorer before accessing your EZcloud account. Upon logging in, click on setup, then camera before selecting add. At this screen, you should be prompted with multiple empty spaces. At the bottom, you will have buttons titled search, save, and cancel. Click search to be granted the IP addresses in your system that can be changed to your preference.

How do I reset my UNV NVR password?

Uniview NVR resets are handled through your EZcloud account for a smooth and simple process. Firstly, log into the account and find the device through the manager. Then press “retrieve” under “retrieve password” before clicking the “acquire” prompt. A verification code will be sent to your email, which can be used on your NVR. The temporary password is only viable for a day, so be sure to create a new one as soon as possible!

How do I reset my Uniview camera?

There are two methods to reset a Uniview camera. The first is using the reset button on the bottom of each camera that features the lettering “RST” and requires a small object like a toothpick or paperclip to press. Hold it for fifteen seconds before release, the “PWR” light should turn red. 

The other method to reset a Uniview camera is by flipping the DIP switch. Simply remove the tail after disconnecting, slide the switch, and put it back together before connecting it to power. Factory default should be restored.