Audio Surveillance Microphones are a must have for a complete monitoring solution. Some IP cameras come equipped with microphones. These cameras are typically more expensive and don’t offer the same audio quality as a professional security camera microphone. Some network cameras have audio in to record an audio device but don’t have a built in microphone. Microphones are used in several types of applications.

A security camera microphone can be installed inside of an interrogation room at police station or it can be installed at a scrap metal yard where customers are dealing with directly with employees outside of a building. IP cameras with built in microphones are mainly for indoor use. For applications which require outdoor audio recording, an audio enabled IP camera with a weather resistant microphone is recommended. 

Audio Surveillance Microphones

Some applications require industrial microphones. This type of microphone combines ruggedness and audio quality to last long while recording high quality audio to a DVR or network video recorder. Locations with a lot of noise, a security camera microphone with a built in equalizer is useful for pulling conversation out of noise which includes industrial machinery.

Indoor and Outdoor Microphones

A microphone can be installed in a grocery store for when a verbal exchange between a customer and employee needs to be reviewed. Some microphones have built in speakers. This is used when a drive thru security camera system also needs to record audio on the other side of a window for example. A user sitting inside of an office can interact with a driver using a toggle button using both audio and video. Banks use audio microphones to assist customers when deposit checks at their drive through branches.

Types of Video Surveillance Microphones

Depending on the type of security system, a microphone can interface with a camera or DVR using two methods. An RCA style connector can be used to connect the microphone to a DVR and a 3.5mm audio jack, called a phone connector, can be used to connect it to an IP camera. Some states require businesses notify customers they are being recorded. Check local laws for more information. Although microphones are simple devices, there are many options available. Let one of our specialist help you decide which type of microphone is right for your surveillance system.