Hikvision Video Recorders

Hikvision Video Recorders

Whether you’re upgrading old surveillance or building a brand new security camera system, A1 Security Cameras offers the most effective Hikvision recorders for purchase. Designed for Hikvision security cameras, each Hikvision NVR and DVR provides some of the most effective options available in the surveillance industry. With features like motion activated recording, advanced video analytics, channel zero, and more functions offered, your residential or commercial environment can be greatly improved without having too much space taken up. Moreover, A1 Security Cameras offer a wealth of options for hard drive and security camera capacity meaning you can get as small or as large a Hikvision recorder as you need for your specific environment. Conveniently, we offer free storage and bitrate calculators for you to use so you know exactly what is needed for your circumstance. Purchase your Hikvision NVR or DVR today!

Hikvision Video Recorders

Unique Features of Hikvision Video Recorders

As one of the most popular CCTV developers and manufacturers in the world, Hikvision recorders are some of the most valuable presents at the time of writing. When used with their accessories, Hikvision NVR or DVR systems allow for a unique experience per the purchaser’s preference thanks to the many functions that they allow a security camera system to be capable of when installed properly. Here are some of the most popular and effective features offered by modern Hikvision recorders.

Advanced VMS Support: Unlike other popular surveillance brands, Hikvision video management software that can come with a Hikvision NVR is included free of charge. Designed to manage connected Hikvision IP cameras and related CCTV hardware, the VMS is a program that comes in multiple levels for residential and commercial use. The software serves multiple functions that help to automate employee tracking while on the premises, authorized vehicle parking, enhanced recorded footage event search, video playback, mobile live streaming, and more. In essence, a Hikvision NVR with a VMS provides far more of an advantage to homeowners and businesses than what surveillance from past generations is capable of providing.

H.265+ Compression: A more recent innovation at the time of writing, H.265+ compression is a creation of Hikvision to reduce the storage space needed for high definition or better video footage while still producing a high-quality result. The method for doing so is straightforward, compressing the video footage into a smaller file more so than the previously popular H.265 compression. Speaking more technically, the feature reduces quality in areas where there is no movement or designated action within a given stream while enhancing video footage quality where there is movement with vehicles, animals, or people. With this, you do not necessarily have to compromise on hard drive space when you want high definition or 4K video footage from your Hikvision NVR.

Video Analytics Support: When you look at the globally top-rated developers and manufacturers of CCTV hardware, each features some functionality that identifies moving objects and then tracks instances of interest. Such a feature is notable because it allows for your Hikvision recorder and security cameras to alert you about incoming threats while initiating automated systems to physically react on-site. If your Hikvision security camera system is integrated with things like alarms, access control, and entrance locks, video analytics allows for an immediate reaction. Moreover, it can track how many customers enter your store, where they go within the store, what employees are doing, and more.

How long does a Hikvision recorder record for?

Depending on the hard drive within your Hikvision NVR or DVR, how many security cameras you have connected, and what quality of video they produce, your recorder could constantly record data from 24 hours to longer than a month. Simply put, the amount of video footage retained by your recorder is dependent on how your security camera system is set up. Notably, you can add more space to your Hikvision recorder by adding more hard drives, using cloud storage, or reducing the quality of your video footage. 

Is Hikvision software free?

Hikvision management software is indeed free for your Hikvision NVR or NVR and any other recorder of choice. Found through the Hikvision site itself, there are a few options for you to consider when choosing Hikvision software. Moreover, updates to software and firmware in Hikvision CCTV hardware are also free. Moreover, most updates for such products are largely automated when there is a solid connection to the internet. 

Can I download Hik Connect for PC?

You can most certainly download Hik connect to your PC or laptop to stream your Hikvision NVR or DVR from home or a remote office. All you need is the device IP address, your username, the password to your account, and a few clicks of your mouse to configure the chosen streaming device to enable platform access through configuration.

Can you cast HIK-connect to TV?

Yes, most smart televisions, popular mobile devices, and Chromecast can stream Hikvision products from the security camera system itself. The process is convenient and easy for televisions within the same local network. However, those in other networks that are remote cast from other locations may pose a challenge. 

What DVR is compatible with Hikvision cameras?

A1 Security Cameras only recommends a Hikvision DVR when choosing Hikvision security cameras due to there often being problems with mixing CCTV hardware branded products. While Hikvision has manufactured CCTV products for other companies and those other branded products do use the same hardware, it is still best to match CCTV equipment based on the brand so as to avoid any technical issues. 

Can I add Hikvision to Google Home?

Compatibility between the two systems has not yet been extensively tested and is largely considered an incompatible relationship. From the perspective of Hikvision NVR, DVR, and edge recording IP cameras, there is simply no aspect of the user interface that as of yet works with voice control systems. While you can get an application for tablets, phones, computers, and other devices, Google home does not necessarily have anything to match surveillance systems. From the side of Google Home, it is not necessarily applicable due to it not being able to apply simple functions to surveillance applications.

Are Hikvision NVR any good?

Affordable, long-lasting, and featuring advanced features, the modern Hikvision NVR offers several features (as seen above) and is often at the forefront of modern innovation in surveillance.

Can Hikvision NVR work with other cameras?

Like Hikvision DVR systems, A1 Security Cameras does not recommend mixing and matching branded CCTV hardware.

Local DFW Hikvision Video Recorder Installations!

Get the most out of your Hikvision NVR or DVR and greater security camera system by trusting A1 Security Cameras to install each piece of CCTV hardware. Our team is made up of experienced technicians that have installed security camera systems throughout the DFW area for the past several years and can do so for you too. We offer full system upgrades, repairs after major damage, integration with other systems (access control, alarms, and more), and more to provide you with the most secure system possible. Schedule your Hikvision recorder and security camera installation with the A1 Security Cameras installation team today!