Home Automation

Home Automation

When thinking of enhancing your household, one of the best options available to you is home automation. Through A1 Security Cameras, you have multiple options that can make it possible while adding enhanced functionality to the connected systems. One thing that home automation can do is integrate different systems together under one managing system. Alarms, surveillance, access control, and more can easily be connected by implementing one of the available options for your consideration. This way, your systems can also work together to keep you and your family safer than ever before!

2GIG, AXIS, Honeywell, Ubiquiti, and Bosch products are all offered through the A1 Security Cameras catalog!

What does home automation do?

Put simply, home automation is a short way of saying you are automating many of the systems in your home by connecting them through wired or wireless means. In the case of A1 Security Cameras, you are implementing a physical point where you can manage each system already implemented into your home and can also enjoy the capability of doing so from your mobile device. Furthermore, we are able to integrate your surveillance systems with your alarms and motion sensors to make the most out of each system. Whereas alone, a security camera system may provide motion detection alerts day and night, home automation can initiate an alarm when configured to do so. Likewise, when alarms are triggered, security cameras can begin recording if they need a reason to do so. Not only do these devices draw together security and surveillance, but they can also manage lights, HVAC, and more!

Is home automation worth the money?

While we are a little biased, home automation can entirely be worth the money to integrate into your household. Such systems provide you with the best opportunity to make a home as manageable as possible. Instead of having to go back and forth between different wall-mounted devices, you only need one of the options we present here. Furthermore, after the full installation is complete, you can enjoy software that makes controlling each of the systems in your home from your phone entirely possible!

With A1 Security Cameras, you can get home automation installed when we implement a home security camera system. Such an addition to your surveillance only serves to enhance the security and efficiency of your home while benefitting you across the board. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!