Turret Security Cameras

Turret Security Cameras

When considering surveillance, one of the most preferred types of devices used by A1 Security Cameras is the turret security camera. These cameras cover a wide viewing area while featuring the ability to rotate and pan to better adjust to the owner’s needs. As one of the top three most used cameras worldwide, this device is most often used by our professional camera installers in DFW to attain the best result out of a security camera system. Moreover, they are certainly just as effective in residential, commercial, construction, and any other given environment!

LTS Security, Hikvision, Oculur, Uniview, Speco, Dahua, Vivotek, Hanwha Techwin, Digital Watchdog, AXIS Communications, and more branded turrets security cameras are all featured through A1 Security Cameras!

turret security cameras

What is a turret security camera?

Turret security cameras are one of the top three most used devices in surveillance. They are most commonly recognized for the capability to physically rotate and tilt within the confines of their specific design. While the most popular turret security camera design is the ball and socket, which features a retaining collar covering the motorized turret, some do feature a design that restricts movement to tilt. Others also feature 360-degree movement with a design that moves the entire exterior with the camera.

Among turret security cameras, there is much more variety when it comes to design. Some manufacturers make specific types of turret security cameras with Digital Watchdog known as eyeball security cameras. There are also more specialized cameras that allow for the user to control them directly that are considered turret security cameras, they are known as PTZ or pan tilt zoom cameras

Can I mount a turret on the wall?

If your turret security camera features a three-axis or better rotation, it can be installed onto a vertical surface. Most manufacturers like LTS Security, AXIS Communications, Hikvision, and more feature mounts that make this kind of installation not only possible but practical as well. AXIS Communications is particularly noteworthy in this regard, developing the AXIS Corridor Format that allows the camera to more efficiently and effectively surveil hallways. Other camera brands offer a similar capability in their modern turret security cameras, but not necessarily in the same design. Furthermore, most brands that manufacture turret cameras devise many sophisticated options for customer use like light pole, straight-to-wall, L-bracket, and more. 

Can turret cameras move?

When considering physical movement from one location, no, turret security cameras are only designed to swivel and tilt at most. These cameras only feature movement limited to the physical design of the housing and exterior. That means that it can neither move from one spot nor turn more than what it is limited to. However, as mentioned above, many types of these cameras are designed to move by themselves and A1 Security Cameras does offer them throughout our catalog!

How do you adjust a turret camera?

Adjustments made to turret security cameras can be entirely simple or laborious depending on the specific product. As mentioned above, turret security cameras are limited to their physical design and most can only swivel to such a degree while others can be controlled. How a camera swivels is configured in its recorder. 

When in reference to adjusting it physically from one position to another, it is a simple matter of reinstalling the camera to better suit your surveillance requirements. For those that are inexperienced, this might be more difficult to do, but A1 Security Cameras does feature an article that serves as a walkthrough titled How to Install a New Security Camera System that will help those seeking to do it themselves. 

Which is better dome or turret camera?

Truth be told, A1 Security Cameras tends to use dome cameras for inside homes or businesses and prefers turret cameras for outdoor viewing. Both types of cameras are fantastic for viewing in a given security camera system, but we much prefer turret security cameras over the dome alternative when it comes to outdoor cameras. Our reasoning behind that preference is simple, with dome cameras being subject to fogging and perspiration marks that naturally form when exposed to the outdoor elements. Furthermore, the dome protecting the camera often causes a glare when subjected to direct rays of light like sunlight, floodlights, and flashlights. That might be temporary, but if your aim is to have maximum security out of your surveillance, then your best option is to choose turret security cameras in such conditions. Furthermore, the two are typically equal to indoor cameras. The dome alternative simply tends to be less conspicuous as an option. 

Is a turret camera better than a bullet camera?

When comparing the two in indoor and outdoor environments, the A1 Security Cameras professionals typically prefer turret cameras over bullet cameras. In indoor environments, bullet cameras take up quite a bit of space when installed and are most often not as capable when considering coverage. Both types of cameras can be implemented onto walls and ceilings, but bullet cameras may need a specialized mount depending on the device. Moreover, bullet cameras do more often see farther than the turret alternative, but due to their design, they are also easier to hit. When these cameras are hit, they most often will need to be realigned as the stream of incoming video footage might have been disturbed. A1 Security Cameras goes into much more detail considering the three different types of cameras discussed here in an article titled Dome Cameras VS Bullet Cameras - Comparing The Different Types of Cameras

What is the best turret camera?

A1 Security Cameras offers a multitude of different options when in reference to turret security cameras. Due to the ever-changing market and demand for such products, it is difficult to state which specific turret security camera is best. There are also the different environments these cameras can be placed in to consider. Therefore, at the time of writing, the most popular turret security camera brands include:

  1. LTS Security
  2. Geovision
  3. Oculur
  4. AXIS Communications

When would you use a turret camera?

As one of the most popular types of security cameras, turret security cameras can easily be used in general or specialized surveillance. These cameras are effective in any environment from hallways and enclosed spaces to broad fields and parking lots. These cameras can come with the most sophisticated features present on the market and come in a variety of prices with many affordable to those following a specific budget. Most notably, these cameras can easily be used in indoor and outdoor environments when they are designed to do so. Many of the professionals at A1 Security Cameras can attest to the effectiveness of this type of camera!

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As shown on this page, A1 Security Cameras features a variety of turret security cameras available for you to purchase. Not only that, but residents and business managers of Dallas Fort Worth can just as easily enjoy our grade A installation services. Our team can plan out the best security camera system that fits your needs and covers the entirety of your home or business. With our experience and know-how, you can soon be the owner of surveillance customized to your needs. Contact us today about our services and turret security cameras!