Wireless Radios

Wireless Radios

Designed to pair with wireless antenna, wireless radios produce an effective signal that expands the effective range for your security camera system. When there is a distance too far to be wired and for traditional wireless devices, these devices allow for an easy expansion. Coming in varying designs, some even include their own antenna and need only be configured after installation. These devices are perfect for those living or working on expansive properties like ranches, farms, construction sites, and more. Each device features an easy to install design perfect for fast deployment. 

Ubiquiti and 2GIG both manufactur wireless radios that can be found through A1 Security Cameras!

Ubiquiti airFiber AF-4X-US Licensed Backhaul Radio - Up to 500+ Mbps, Up to 124+ mile Range

What is Wireless Radio?

Deploy the Rocket Prism anywhere in the world. It delivers complete coverage of the 5 GHz spectrum with a single radio. The Rocket Prism allows for flexibility in configuring channel bandwidths (subject to local country regulations). The Rocket Prism is designed to deliver maximum spectral efficiency and up to 500+ Mbps Real TCP/IP throughput. Ubiquiti and 2GIG brands wireless radios products and more.