Ubiquiti airFiber AF-5U 5GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Backhaul Radio - High-Band 5 GHz

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  • Ubiquiti airFiber AF-5U 5GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Backhaul Radio - High-Band 5 GHz
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  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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Ubiquiti airFiber AF-5U 5GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Backhaul Radio

Ubiquiti Networks airFiber AF5U is designed for freedom. It operates in the license-free 5 GHz range from 5725 to 6200 MHz. Hence users are free to locate, deploy, and operate airFiber AF5U without any special permits, paperwork, or added licensing costs. The device delivers wireless gigabit+ performance at 1.2+ Gb/s, low latency, and long range transmissions up 100+km miles using the innovative xtreme Range Technology (xRT) feature. It can transmit a 100 MB file in less than a second and the download speed is up to 100x faster.The device can transmit data synchronously without any wait time as it features traditional TDD and FDD modes of operation in addition to the proprietary Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD) mode, which provides a breakthrough in range and spectral efficiency performance.

The device features a dual-independent, 2x2 MIMO, high-gain reflector antenna system. The separate yet integrated transmit (TX) and receive (RX) antennas help in extending link budgets by eliminating the extra RF losses caused by the switches or duplexers required in systems with common TX/RX antennas. With these many special features the airFiber AF5U is indeed a revolutionary Point-to-Point wireless platform from Ubiquiti Networks.

Key Features:

  • Synchronous Data Transmission and Reception: HDD technology calculates the propagation delay for synchronous transmissions and eliminate packet transmission latency
  • Dual-Antenna Architecture :dual-independent, 2x2 MIMO, high-gain reflector antenna system
  • Drop‑in cradle Mount Design : Allows the user to attach mounting hardware to the pole without having to support the weight of the airFiber radio during installation
  • Robust Filtering: Enables co-location with devices operating in the lower 5 GHz bands while allowing operation at a higher output power in many areas of the world

Ubiquiti Airfiber Model Comparison

airFiber AF-5 (US)

airFiber AF-5U

airFiber AF-24 (US)

airFiber AF-24-HD (US)

airFiber AF-5X (US)

Frequency Mid‑Band 5 GHz High-Band 5 GHz 24 GHz 24 GHz 5 GHz
Throughput 1.2+ Gbps 1.2+ Gbps 1.4+ Gbps 2 Gbps 500+ Mbps
Range 100+ km 100+ km 13+ km 20+ km 200+ km
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Additional Information

5 GHz
62 Miles
Accessory Type:
Wireless Radio
Product Type:
1-year Manufacturer Warranty
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