Mini Security Cameras

Mini Security Cameras

Mini security cameras are devices most commonly used for concealed surveillance in homes and businesses. While not as durable as traditional security cameras, these devices are perfect for monitoring employees, contractors, babysitters, and others working in residential or commercial environments. Despite their size, mini security cameras have become more and more advanced with many capable of high definition video quality. 

Hikvision, Arecont Vision, ACTi, AXIS Communications, LTS Security, Hanwha Techwin, Dahua, Geovision, and more produce mini security cameras offered by A1 Security Cameras!

Mini security cameras

How long can a mini camera record for?

Mini security cameras can record video footage constantly or can be motion-activated depending on the brand. The amount of which they are restricted will depend on the connected recorder. A1 Security Cameras does not offer wireless cameras that feature internal storage at this time.

Where can I place mini security cameras?

Mini security cameras can be placed on furniture or surfaces near areas that need to be monitored. While small in size, these cameras can also be mounted like the normal-sized alternative to provide coverage for a given area. However, keep in mind that these cameras are more limited in quality and range. Therefore, the placement of such devices should be determined based on the effectiveness of the lens and sensor.

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