Mounts & Brackets

Mounts & Brackets

Security camera mounts and brackets provide each camera with the support required to record video footage from a vantage point on a wall, ceiling, or poll. These support structures come in many forms, with some being physically pronounced by extending the camera out or fitting the camera into a designated surface. Most security cameras do not come with mounts or brackets. 

The majority of security camera manufacturers offered through A1 Security Cameras sell camera mounts and brackets that accompany each device. 


How important are security camera mounts and brackets?

A security camera mount or camera bracket is entirely essential for any functionality from your security camera. Without the supportive structure or equipment, the surveillance device would have any way to fit onto a vantage point. The type of mount or bracket is also essential, with the measurements of each fulfilling requirements for specific areas or corners that require attention. An example is mounts for large outdoor areas not being suitable for hallways or tight corners.

How high up should security cameras be mounted?

For home installations, mounts and brackets meant for security cameras should be installed eight to ten feet high when possible. Whereas businesses can focus more on a beneficial vantage point, homeowners should concentrate on a location that intruders cannot easily reach while still being relatively easy to adjust when needed.

What is important when looking for security camera mounts and brackets?

Supportive structures like security camera mounts and brackets typically physically match a device in question. Whereas some will be meant for specific models, others will fit all designed by a particular manufacturer. For the best assurance when considering a mount or bracket, reach out to A1 Security Cameras today!