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Buying Guide for Modern Security Camera System

A fully upgraded security camera system can be the best asset available to a home or business owner.

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Home Security Camera System Costs

Planning out surveillance for your home can be a hassle, especially when a company is not transparent with you about security camera installation costs.

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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System

We often get first-time customers looking for more information on how to choose a video surveillance system.

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NDAA Compliant: A Complete Guide

We've put together a guide where you'll learn all the details you need to know about NDAA compliance.

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Who is A1 Security Cameras?

A1 Security Cameras was founded in Dallas, Texas in the hot summer of 2007, and build a team of experts in the video surveillance field.

We have been honored and blessed to work on many large - technically heavy projects and served to customers that have nationwide footprint. This expertise and relationships with the top brands in the world lets us get you the best prices and best security cameras and equipment for your home or office. We’re a small business with dedicated employees that are like family to us. We became a domestic and international online distributor of video surveillance products.

We are video surveillance systems experts!

When you call us, here is what you can expect. We will actively listen to your concerns. Whether that be a new facility or existing one, if you have concerns about property security, employee theft, lousy neighbor, mail theft etc. We will notate these issues and dive into the vast portfolio of brands we carry and build a security camera system that fits you. We may not get it perfect at first but it is a process and our team of video surveillance experts will work with you to put together a sound system that will last.

What does A1 Security Cameras sell?

In a nutshell, here is what we sell. We custom designed Security Camera Systems with different assumptions to give options to our customers. You can find these security systems divided into two categories. IP Security Camera Systems and HD CCTV Camera Systems. These systems fit to lot of situations and you can add to cart - checkout and receive your system in matter of days. If you have different expectations however we would love to hear about your expectation and we can custom design a security camera system for your needs.

We sell Recorders (DVR and NVR), audio surveillance microphones, Video Management Software (VMS), Accessories, Ubiquiti network equipment.

We added Security Turnstiles into our portfolio since 2016. We are distributor and manufacturer of Full Height, Swing Gate, Touchless (Optical) and Waist High Turnstiles (aka Tripod Turnstiles).

What does A1 Security Cameras do?

1 - We sell top brand names in video surveillance industry. These brands are our ingredients. We use and recommend each brand depending on the application and scenario. We have access to all the brands in video surveillence industry through our partners and distributors so if you are not seeing what you are looking for, please give us a call.

2 - We make our own security camera system packages. These are custom made meaning the components and combination of these products are unique to A1 Security Cameras.

3 - We stock and sell turnstiles and exclusive distributorship with the factory in United States.

4 - Last but not least, we are licensed in State of Texas to install security camera systems so we offer installation services in Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.

How can A1 Security Cameras help you choose security camera system?

"How can I protect your place of residence or business without breaking the bank? How can I choose between all hyped cloud cameras (Nest, Arlo, Blink and other cloud cameras) versus on-site, on-premise, self-hosted, true CCTV (closed circuit) based security camera system?"

These can be tough questions however let me tell you this, you are definitely on the right track! Whether you’re looking to protect your business and property, or just want a little piece of mind, investment in security cameras is well worth it. We will be honored if you decide to call us with your needs so we can help you save time and money on making this investment.

We are video surveillance systems experts!

1 - We have pre-made security camera system packages. They are enough for many situations and you can simply add-to-cart and checkout with these systems. We are in the process of designing more systems (such as license plate recognition, reliable wireless security camera systems, long range wireless security camera systems etc.)

2 - If you need something outside the box and you want one of our experts to guide you. Please fill out the form on "Let's Build Your System" page.

3 - Please explain: what are you trying to protect? What are your concerns? What is your expectation? Please share anything you like and we will start working.

4 - We have installer partners all over the country. If you would like us to make arrangements, we will look into our database.

If you are looking for security cameras near by, you don't have to, we are phone call away. We have global foot print with customers across the globe, we will deliver your products to your foot step.

Buying security camera systems is buying like Insurance

Owning a home or business requires an investment in security. We hear "video surveillance footage" in the news every day. "Police is looking for suspects and they just released video surveillance footage from near by grocery store". We also see movies from Hollywood on the other hand that unravels pixelated photos or videos and show the face of the criminal after couple of mouse clicks. We wish it would be that fantastic to be able to see those faces or license plates from far away but we are getting there!!!

Talking about real life though, some security camera systems are better than others at catching criminals. The most basic and sought for feature of security camera system is to produce court room ready video surveillance footage in case of unexpected situation. It's paramount that you do your homework before purchasing one so when you need it, it will produce you the evidence you need.