CCTV Monitors

CCTV Monitors

A CCTV monitors is a device with BNC inputs used to display security cameras on a surveillance system. Most digital video recorders today have some form of video out. A video loop lets users pull a video signal from one channel and move it to another location. If a DVR has a built in BNC loop, users can put video into a DVR for recording and then bring it back out to display on a monitor.

Key difference between regular monitors and CCTV monitors, CCTV monitors will work for long term 24 hours x 365 days, full-time working in a year. We have professional CCTV monitor sizes 17”/19”/22”. CCTV monitors from A1 Security Cameras are great in quality, reliability and dependability.

Why are cctv monitors used?

A CCTV monitors can be used at the entrance of a gas station to let guests know they are being monitored. This both lets patrons know they are being monitored for safety and discourages criminal activity inside of an establishment. Businesses can use CCTV monitors to create a safe atmosphere by letting their customers know they care about safety. A security guard can use a CCTV monitors at a central location to monitor surveillance cameras in a building. This lets integrators install the recorder in a safe location while giving the guard a way to monitor the cameras.


A recorder can be locked in a locked closet while the monitor serves as an interface with the recorder. The cameras are brought to a central location, called a head end, using RG59 cable. Once the cameras enter the recorder they can be extracted using a built in loop. A hardware store can use CCTV aisle monitors in areas with expensive tools. They can also be used in a testing are to make sure a customer is handling a tool properly.


At fast food restaurants, drive through monitors can be installed to let employees know a vehicle has approached the menu. Industrial monitors can be used for rugged applications to separate noise and debris from an administrative office. A camera can be placed outside of a building and displayed inside. Monitors come in a wide range of sizes. Monitors can be 7 to 42 inches and above. Some security camera monitors even have touch screens and are configurable to associate a set of instructions.A1 Security Cameras, we work with different security camera systems. Let our experts help you choose the right CCTV monitor for your system.