Cameras for Mobile Surveillance

Cameras for Mobile Surveillance

Cameras for mobile surveillance are security cameras installation into vehicles like planes, trains, and automobiles. Also referred to as onboard or in-vehicle cameras, these cameras come in indoor and outdoor versions like regular security cameras but come with a design and features meant for a moving environment.

ACTi, Axis, Dahua, Vivotek, Samsung Hanwha, and Panasonic are all manufacturers that make cameras for mobile surveillance sold through A1 Security Cameras.

What is an onboard camera?

An onboard camera is a security camera that can be installed within or on the exterior of a specified vehicle. Recognizable examples are dash cameras, in-cab truck cameras, CCTV cameras for trains, cameras inside of planes, and more. Operationally, these cameras come in designs meant to fit into the specific environments found in or around vehicles. For example, onboard security cameras for the interior of trains typically look similar to regular dome cameras. In contrast, those found at the entrance to the cart or between the carts will be bulkier in design. This is different from cameras installed into automobiles, which are typically smaller to fit onto a dashboard.

What is the difference between regular and mobile surveillance?

Whereas some onboard cameras might make them specific for travel, most are near the exact same as their established household or business counterparts. The difference between the two is typically determined through the ability to adapt faster to light changes and nullify vibrations. However, newer onboard cameras for mobile surveillance can be defined by how easy they are to install or how effectively they adapt to specific areas.

Benefits of mobile surveillance

The benefits of onboard cameras vary from vehicle to vehicle but are near the same between trains and airplanes. Both are examples of mass transit, carrying a few people to easily over a hundred passengers daily. Advantages of installing security cameras can include:

  • Can help identify points of concern
  • Captures evidence of criminal activity
  • Discourages crime
  • Helps spot lost goods

When it comes to security cameras in trains or airplanes, the vast majority of advantages come by way of benefitting passengers and enforcement of safety standards. While safety standards, for the most part, will be upheld by passengers, mobile surveilance provides an added edge for pinpointing where processes can be improved or when repairs need to be made. That is different from the advantages gained by installing onboard cameras into cars and trucks. When specifically applied to company-owned vehicles, benefits can include:

  • Enforces company policies
  • Enhanced asset protection
  • Improves driver performance
  • Insurance claim assistance

In countries like the United States and Canada, onboard cameras are standard in company vehicles. Especially in the construction industry, strict safety standards are upheld through the implementation of onboard cameras. An example of such is automatic dismissal upon the driver using a personal cellular device. Furthermore, many accidents involving company vehicles have been captured through the use of onboard cameras, with insurance companies providing recompense at a far faster rate thanks to the footage.

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