Digital Watchdog Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog Security Cameras

A viable option for small to large sized businesses, Digital Watchdog security cameras have become a popular option for surveillance in commercial environments. As direct competition to top brands like AXIS Communications and Hikvision, the company is known to produce highly capable CCTV products. Offered as both DW analog and DW cameras, Digital Watchdog cameras are used alongside a DW recorder, while modern generations also need software licenses for full functionality. Manufactured in South Korea, these CCTV products have become widely popular with notable purchasers, including several universities, banks, United States government agencies, Mcdonald's, and Taco Bell. So purchase your Digital Watchdog cameras today and enjoy an added edge in your overall security!

Digital Watchdog DWC-V6263WTIR 2.1MP IR Outdoor Dome HD CCTV Security Camera

Unique Features of Digital Watchdog Security Cameras

Unless specialized for specific purposes, modern Digital Watchdog cameras more often offer the most popular features developed in the surveillance industry. Such features like WDR, DNR, varying levels of infrared, power over ethernet, high Ingress Standard ratings, H.265 compression, and more are common in even the most basic cameras the brand offers. In addition, while not necessarily intended for households, Digital Watchdog cameras are reliable for edge recording thanks to built-in SD card support. On top of these features, Digital Watchdog develops CCTV cameras with specialized designs that provide enhanced support through superior functionality. Here are some examples of Digital Watchdog cameras with unique designs.

MEGApix: When it comes to modern surveillance in a commercial setting, systems capable of video analytics are some of the most valuable on the market. Designed specifically for that programming, Digital Watchdog cameras with the MEGApix label allow for enhanced detection, reduce false alarms, organize an environment based on what is accessible, tamper alarms, and more that allow for greater control over a domain. In short, these CCTV products can certainly upgrade your security by catching odd or illegal behavior and accurately alert you to occasions where the law or your policies are being broken. Moreover, these products come in multiple designs so that you can place them anywhere they are needed.

ONVIF Compliant: While relatively minor, ONVIF compliance allows for greater functionality from your security camera system by providing enhanced streaming options and compatibility with other brands. More specifically, Digital Watchdog cameras are adherent to profile S standards. That means video data is sent over an IP network and that you can more easily stream PTZ cameras from the comfort of most devices. In essence, it is easier to stream your DW CCTV products. 

Smart IR: When it comes to night vision, nearly every modern security camera features some propensity to cut through low light and dark environments. Digital Watchdog cameras take it a step further with smart IR, providing the system owner with superior viewing regardless of being darker in some areas or entirely. This technology, therefore, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, thanks to the advanced sensors it uses for maximum effectiveness. 

Star Light Plus: Designed to bring enhanced night vision to analog security cameras, Digital Watchdog cameras with Star Light Plus produce an enhanced view in low light to completely dark environments. This technology is pretty straightforward, using a more sensitive sensor to catch more detail than ever before while retaining near the same standard of quality one would enjoy during daytime streaming. 

How do I watch Digital Watchdog security cameras on my PC?

Viewing your Digital Watchdog security cameras on your PC, or any modern device, has become much more manageable. However, connecting your recorder directly to a router or PC is the most efficient method unless you have a single DW IP camera system. Most commonly, a Digital Watchdog CCTV system is typically connected to the router by ethernet cable for computers and cell phones to stream remotely or within the same network. For older DW DVR hardware, there will need to be additional hardware for streaming and video footage management. In any case, after the system is physically connected to the router, any device can stream the DW CCTV system footage by inputting the IP address after attaining access to DW Spectrum. With DW Spectrum, the owner of the Digital Watchdog security cameras will need to use popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 

How much do Digital Watchdog security cameras cost?

Digital Watchdog security cameras typically range in cost depending on the type of camera being considered. The median price can be around $400 per new DW camera. However, several DW analog and DW IP cameras are offered at a much lower cost by A1 Security Cameras. Likewise, the cost can also be much more expensive for those looking for a much more advanced product. 

How do I update my digital watchdog security cameras?

Any updates for Digital Watchdog security cameras can be made through the Digital Watchdog website. Simply look up the device's model number on the website, reference the newest software information to that of the CCTV device and download it if needed. Then view the specific camera through the web browser through the IP address before uploading the new file. 

Do Digital Watchdog security cameras come with licenses?

No, licenses for individual DW IP cameras are sold separately with individual and bundles of software licenses offered by A1 Security Cameras. Digital Watchdog CCTV system owners can get DW Spectrum to manage the system, but the system will require licenses for each IP camera to attain the best features like streaming, advanced footage management, and more. 

Where is Digital Watchdog manufactured?

Digital Watchdog security cameras and CCTV equipment are manufactured in the United States and South Korea. 

Are Digital Watchdog cameras NDAA compliant?

Not all Digital Watchdog security cameras are NDAA compliant, with DW offering a regularly updated list for reference and A1 Security Cameras offering a list of Digital Watchdog NDAA compliant products for those needing products adhering to the restrictions. However, in instances where CCTV equipment by Digital Watchdog is restricted by federal law, it is due to a specific part in the device and generally not where it is manufactured. 

Is Digital Watchdog Hikvision?

No, Digital Watchdog is an entirely different company from Hikvision and the two are strictly separate entities. More specifically, Digital Watchdog is an American company and Hikvision is a Chinese company. 

Local Installations for Digital Watchdog Security Cameras

For residents and businesses of Dallas Fort Worth, you can purchase and get your Digital Watchdog cameras installed by A1 Security Cameras. Our experienced team is always ready to provide you with the best possible services for surveillance installation, integration, upgrades, and more. So schedule your appointment with the A1 Security Cameras installation team today!