Digital Watchdog IP Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog IP Security Cameras

Developed in the United States and manufactured in South Korea, Digital Watchdog IP cameras are a popular option for those needing sophisticated surveillance in commercial environments. Considered direct competition for big names like AXIS communications and Hikvision, these CCTV products offer the most popular features in the industry while also providing sophisticated functionality for those that need an edge in their on-site security. Most notably, Digital Watchdog has developed a line of IP cameras with the label MEGApix that enhances the overall system’s video analytics capabilities and provides accurate alerts when something is going wrong within view or due to tampering. Purchase your Digital Watchdog IP Cameras today from A1 Security Cameras and enjoy some of the best surveillance technology in the industry!

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What is the default IP address for Digital Watchdog IP cameras?

The vast majority of DW IP cameras feature this IP address as the default. However, there are a minority of these cameras that feature a different IP address that can easily be found in the included manual or on the original Digital Watchdog site. 

What is the Digital Watchdog IP Camera default password?

Username: admin

Password: admin

Are Digital Watchdog IP cameras ONVIF?

Digital Watchdog IP cameras and network video recorders (NVR) are conformant to ONVIF Profile S. Profile S supports the transmission of data over a connection or network, supports PTZ, and allows for audio communication. Learn more about ONVIF through the A1 Security Cameras ONVIF guide.

Digital Watchdog IP Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog IP Camera Installations in DFW!

Own a home or business in Dallas Fort Worth and need your security camera system installed? A1 Security Cameras handles residential and commercial surveillance installation through our experienced team of professionals. Our team can make securing your home or company easy through our system design, installation, and upgrade services that allow you to get an IP security camera system that fits matches your needs. Contact the A1 Security Cameras installation team today to get your Digital Watchdog IP cameras installed!


Digital Watchdog IP Security Cameras