Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points offer homes and businesses an extended range for mobile devices. Such devices are perfect for all venues looking to implement wireless capabilities or better serve their customers with a Wi-Fi network to connect to. Different from Wi-Fi extenders, wireless access points can be connected via direct-wired connection to the router or paired wirelessly. In addition, more prominent locations like factories, warehouses, farms, and more can feature coverage throughout the extended area with multiple access points or use the beam variant for specific devices. 

Ubiquiti, Avalan Wireless, Bosch, Dahua, Speco, QNAP, and Videocomm products are all available through A1 Security Cameras.

Wireless Access Points

What uses wireless access points?

Devices that run off a wireless signal can connect to an established wireless access point. Cellular phones, wireless cameras, computers, and more benefit as they each function on the wi-fi signal the access point broadcasts.

Can a wireless access point be used to extend?

When used in conjunction with a router, an access point can expand the coverage provided by the wireless network beyond what it is naturally capable of. This can be seen in the case of larger houses needing coverage in the backyard or farther away rooms, offices needing expanded wireless coverage, or storage facilities applying wireless cameras to far-reaching corners.

What's the difference between a WiFi extender and an access point?

Put simply; an access point increases the network coverage by creating a new signal for devices to use. On the other hand, a WiFi extender extends merely the range of the original signal to another area. Whereas a WiFi extender works better in smaller rooms and access points in larger, access points produce a stronger signal.

What is the difference between router and access point?

A router is a hub meant for accessing a wireless signal in a given local network. An access point can be considered a lesser hub working in conjunction with the router to provide a new point of access to the system and extend the range of the original device.