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PTZ CCTV Cameras

Samsung SNP-3120VH 4CIF IP PTZ Security Camera - 3.69~44.32mm Lens, 12x Optical Zoom, 1/4" CCD, WDR, PoE+
Samsung SNP-3120VH
You save: $744.00
  • 4CIF
  • 16X Digital Zoom
  • Wide Dynamic Range
Panasonic WV-CW594A 650TVL CCTV PTZ Dome Security Camera - Super Dynamic 6, 36x zoom, 1/4" CCD, Rain Wash Coating
Panasonic WV-CW594A
You save: $24.80
  • Super Dynamic 6 technology
  • i-VMD (intelligent-Video Motion Detection)
  • Built-in Sunshield
Panasonic WV-CS584 650TVL CCTV PTZ Dome Security Camera - 3.3~ 119mm Lens, 36x Optical Zoom, Super Dynamic 6, 3D-DNR
Panasonic WV-CS584
You save: $38.80
  • Super Dynamic 6 technology
  • Scene Change Detection technology
  • Alarm action
Bosch VG5-623-ECS AutoDome 600 Outdoor 550TVL CCTV PTZ Security Camera - Pendant, 28x Optical Zoom, NTSC, 1/4" CCD
Bosch VG5-623-ECS
You save: $1,332.00
  • Resolution
  • Digital Zoom
  • Progressive Scan
Bosch VEZ-423-ECCS Mini PTZ 30X Dome Security Camera
Bosch VEZ-423-ECCS
You save: $555.00
  • 1/4" Double Scan Super HAD CCD II sensor
  • Clear bubble
  • 3DNR Digital Noise Reduction
Bosch VEZ-423-ECTS Mini PTZ Dome CCTV Security Camera (Charcoal) (Heater)
Bosch VEZ-423-ECTS
You save: $555.00
  • 1/4" Double Scan Super HAD CCD II sensor
  • Tinted bubble
  • 3DNR Digital Noise Reduction
Samsung SCP-2273H
Samsung SCP-2273H
You save: $931.00
  • 680TVL High Resolution
  • 1/4" Ex-view HAD CCD II Imaging Device
  • IP66 Rated
Samsung SCP-2373 680TVL Indoor CCTV PTZ Dome Security Camera - 3.5~129.5mm Lens, 37x Optical Zoom, True Day/Night
Samsung SCP-2373
You save: $884.00
  • High Resolution
  • 1/4" Ex-view HAD CCD II Imaging Device
  • Powerful Zoom Lens
Bosch VEZ-523-EWCR AUTODOME 5000 720TVL Outdoor PTZ Security Camera - 3.43~120mm Lens, 36x Optical Zoom, 960H, Day/Night, 1/4" CCD
Bosch VEZ-523-EWCR
You save: $645.00
  • 720TVL
  • 960H Sensor
  • Variable Pan/Tilt Speeds
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Bosch VEZ-523-IWTR AUTODOME 5000 720TVL Indoor PTZ Security Camera - 3.43 to 120mm Lens, Day/Night, Tinted Bubble, 960H, 36x Optical Zoom
Bosch VEZ-523-IWTR
You save: $1,000.00
  • 960H Sensor
  • 720TVL
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • 700 Line D1 Resolution
  • 4~115mm Varifocal Lens
  • SONY EFFIO 1/3" CCD Sensor
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS Digital Immunity
  • Wireless LAN
Bosch Security VEZ-221-ECCEIVA Autodome Easy II IP 530TVL Outdoor PTZ Security Camera - 4.2~42mm Lens, 10x Optical Zoom, IVA, NTSC, Clear Bubble
You save: $478.00
  • 1/4" CMOS
  • 4.2~42mm Lens, 10x Zoom
  • Field of View Approx. 4.6° (TELE end) to 46° (Wide end)
  • 120x zoom (10x optical, 12x digital)
  • Uses H.264 and JPEG compression
  • 99 user-defined presets as well as 1 preset tour, 2 recorded tours, and 2 autopan modes
  • Offers pan range up to 360º (continuous)
  • Motion detection
  • ONVIF-ready 
Bosch VER-L2R5-2 DINION Capture 5000 License Plate Capture CCTV Bullet Security Camera - 5~50mm Varifocal Lens, 54 to 92ft Range, Weatherproof
Bosch VER-L2R5-2
You save: $1,446.00
  • 5~50mm Varifocal Lens
  • 1/3" Sensor, 752 x 582
  • IR Illumination, Pulsed LED Array, 850nm
  • DINION 2x Technology for Accurate LP Imagery
  • Night Capture Imaging System, 24/7 Performance
  • 54 to 92ft Range
  • Weatherproof
Pelco SD435-PRE1
Panasonic WV-CW594PJ Super Dynamic 6 650TVL Outdoor PTZ Dome CCTV Security Camera
Panasonic WV-CW594PJ
You save: $1,083.00
  • 650 TVL
  • 3.3~11.9mm Lens
  • 3D-DNR
  • Built-in fan/heater
  • Weatherproof

The most advanced security camera in the market is a PTZ security camera. PTZ acronym stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. These cameras are equipped with motors for panning, tilting, and optically zooming the camera's lens. A PTZ security camera gives users 360 degree coverage from a remote location using a joystick or mouse. Panning allows a camera to rotate 360 degrees. By tilting, a PTZ camera can move the imaging sensor straight down to capture objects directly below the camera.

Some of the PTZ security cameras come equipped with long distance lenses which allow users to safely zoom in on distant objects without having to manually adjust a lens like a traditional camera.

  • Indoor PTZ cameras can be used in conference rooms to hold virtual meetings and move from one speaker to another. Others can be used in specialized applications like oil rigs where it might be exposed to the elements.
  • Explosion proof PTZ cameras let users zoom in on dangerous machinery without risking their safety. 

There is a perception that PTZ security cameras would be ineffective without a user controlling the camera. Nowadays these cameras can be be configured to rotate without user input. This function is called a tour guard or location presets. Some PTZ cameras have sensor inputs which allow for the integration of external sensors which can trigger movement to a preset location. This means the camera can be moved to a predefined location like a gate or entrance when movement is detected.

In certain applications, one PTZ camera can replace several fixed cameras. They can be mounted from the ceiling using a pendant mount to maximize the coverage area around the camera. Other mounting options are available. Horizon PTZ cameras sit at the top of a pole with a pivoting head which allows the camera to view above the horizon. These types of cameras are typically used on an airport runway where a camera might need to view above eye level. Horizon cameras can also point down but unlike a traditional motorized camera, it is limited by the pole its mounted on.

Selecting the correct PTZ security camera for your application can be difficult. Please feel free to call on of our security camera experts today so we can help you find the right camera for you.

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