Founded in 1957 and acquired by Motorola in 2020, Pelco is a United States based security and technology company that specializes in security cameras and related surveillance equipment. In its over 50 year history, Pelco has become one of the leading manufacturers of security cameras. The company has sold more than 30 million security camera systems in the United States and over 100 million plus around the world. Pelco is also known for its IP camera system, first developed in 1996 and was one of the first to provide video footage at such a quality pace. 

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All Pelco products are compliant with NDAA

Is Pelco made in USA?

Pelco does manufacture many of its products in China but also has opened factories in American states like Texas. The company also still manufactures many of its products in Oklahoma. 

How do you set up a Pelco camera?

Pelco IP security cameras are exceedingly simple to set up and configure when it comes to network communication. Such devices typically follow the steps along the lines of those provided below:

  1. Power the camera through Power over Ethernet or by wall outlet
  2. Connect the camera to the central recording device or converted computer
  3. Set the IP address, make doubly sure to write down the original for reference later
  4. With your chosen web browser (chrome, internet explorer, firefox) enter the IP address in the search bar
  5. You should be prompted with a screen that says “login,” which should allow you to use the default login information. 
  6. After logging in, change your password to something complex, but one that you can remember
  7. Navigate through settings, network, fill in the IP slot with the appropriate information. 
  8. Navigate back to the local computer settings initially used and switch the IP address written down from before

Does Pelco have mobile applications?

Yes, Pelco has mobile applications for remote viewing on both apple and google marketplaces.



What is the default IP for the Pelco IP camera?

When a DHCP server is not present, a default Pelco internet protocol address is while it has a twenty-four subnet mask. 

Is Pelco an ONVIF?

Pelco is heavily involved with and compatible with Open Network Video Interface Forum, better known as ONVIF. Such software allows the systems to communicate with multiple different devices from varying brands and allows for seamless compatibility into many security camera systems. 

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