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Protection begins with surveillance. As A1 Security Cameras, we know the importance of protecting your property. Implementing a security camera system is often the first logical step to ensuing safety. Outdoor security camera systems has to work under heavy weather conditions, withstand intruder attacks while they are providing crystal clear image during day and night Our advanced but budget-friendly outdoor security cameras and ease-of-use NVRs/ DVRs provide perfect solutions for your home security. Affordability combined with
10 years’ experience and stellar customer service!

Motion detection

24/7 surveillance requires a huge storages which are really costly. Our outdoor security camera systems comes with motion detecting software which record only when there is a movement in the surveillance area. You can set your DVR/NVR for motion detection option as well as continious surveillance.

IR (infra red)

Infra Red is a must to for night vision. This type of LEDs provide an excellent visibility more than 100 feet distance in total darkness. A1 Security Cameras outdoor camera systems have the cutting edge night vision technology . No matter if you have a light or not at your backyard, you can see what is going on there with our cameras.


A1 Security Cameras outdoor security camera systems have IK10 protection standard, which allows a super “impact protection” up to 20 joules of energy which is as strong as a hit by a baseball bat. This is a vital issue because security cameras are the first targets of intruders.


All of our outdoor security camera systems have IP66 standards provides protection agains extreme weather conditions. The first 6 represents dust protection (6 is the best value of protection so far). The second 6 means weather protection. So IP 66 means dust protection and strong enough for heavy weather conditions which is perfect to be used almost every part of United States. Our Arctic cameras can operate under extreme temperatures between -40 °F to 122 °F.

View Angle

Blind points are the weakest part of surveillance systems. The angle of the view depends on the lens size of the camera. Our cameras with variable lenses provide up to 180 degrees panoramic view which allows you to cover more area with a few cameras.


We know the importance of details. Our varifocal security cameras provides a crystal clear view of a face from up to a 500ft distance. (rakamdan tam emin değilim)

HD CCTV Camera System

HD CCTV Security Cameras bring HD quality to the CCTV world. Still coming in at a low-cost, HD-CCTV cameras can produce outstanding 1080p images at high framerates.

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Comparison Table

IP Camera Systems HD CCTV Camera Systems
Starting Price
Features Ethernet Ethernet
Cable Up to 320 ft Up to 320 ft
Cable Distance
Cable Distance Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet
Power Source
Power Source Up to 12 Megapixel Up to 12 Megapixel
Max Resolution
Max Resolution Up to 1 Second Up to 1 Second
Latency check check
CCTV Compatibility
CCTV Compatibility check check
Mobile App Access
Mobile App Access check check
Remote Access
Remote Access check check
Plug and Play
Plug and Play check check
Motion Detection
Motion Detection check check
Night Vision with Smart IR
Night Vision with Smart IR check check
Weatherproof check check
Vandalproof check check
Storage check check
Warranty Pre-Installed Storage Pre-Installed Storage
Tech Support
Tech Support 3 Years Unmatched Warranty 3 Years Unmatched Warranty
Tech Support
Tech Support Unlimited Tech Support Unlimited Tech Support

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