Outdoor Camera Systems

Outdoor Camera Systems

Outdoor camera systems are, as the name implies, built to operate outside. These systems come with cameras intended to survive a number of situations one might deem 'dangerous' to any machine with small moving parts. Because the outdoors belong to Mother Nature, outdoor cameras are shielded by Ingress Protection (IP) standards. These resistance make sure that the casing of the camera can keep out water. Some cameras are even able to be submerged in a body of water! Some cameras even go a step further and come with IK protection standards. They offer similar protective benefits, but this time from high-kinetic impacts. Weatherproof and vandalproof, these security cameras are a great solution for bringing your surveillance systems outdoors!

Outdoor Camera Systems Surveillance

Oculur, Dahua, Vivotek, Hikvision, LTS Security and Digital Watchdog Outdoor Camera Systems products are at A1 Security Cameras.

HD Outdoor Camera Systems


  • All our Outdoor Surveillance systems include IP66 rated weatherproof security cameras. These security cameras come with casings that will keep out the water and will stand up to freezing temperatures.
  • All our Outdoor camera systems are vandalproof which means they will stand up high-kinetic impacts, even the ones with baseball bats.
  • If you choose IP Outdoor Security Systems, these systems come with PoE based NVRs that means you don't need extra power source such as power supply or extra cable as power adapter.
  • If you choose HD CCTV Outdoor Security Systems, these systems include power supply and special CCTV cable so you can power up cameras and connect them back to DVR with one cable.


We have designed many Outdoor camera systems for all weather conditions including freezing temperatures (-40F) or license plate recognition security cameras, parking lot security systems, PTZ based security camera systems. A1 Security Cameras has a team of experts with years of hands on experience. When we mean "hands on experience", we mean climbing up the ladder, running cables, testing security cameras of all sorts and designing all sorts of security systems for different scenarios. In layman's terms, we are more like Home Depot when it comes to security cameras. We have the expertise to help you make decision between brands, technologies, products.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do everything to design the right security camera system for you.