IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems

IP security camera systems are the highest performing video surveillance systems available today. High definition security cameras are more popular now than ever before because of the demand for high performing, high resolution video. Video performance can be measured by a number of things but in surveillance there are two factors which receive the most attention. Resolution and frame rate are typically looked at before any other specifications.


What is Ip Security Camera System?

IP Security Camera Systems provide superior quality and resolution. If you are buying a brand new system and you would like to stay at the edge of technology, IP camera systems are the way to go. We provide an all-in-one package that will provide the cameras, NVR, and ethernet cables!

A cameras resolution can be the difference between successful identification of a person and a pixilated face. A low resolution system will record an event at a small size. When viewing playback on a recorder in a quadrant, the video is sharp. As soon as the channel is expanded, it becomes pixilated and the edges become dull. High definition IP cameras, combined with adjustable lenses, give users the best visibility. Ultra high resolution cameras can also be zoomed in digitally without sacrificing image quality. Although some CCTV systems display cameras in high resolution, they might record at a lower one.

Frame rate is calculated by the number of images a security camera captures in one second. If a camera records in 1080p at 30fps, it means the camera is taking 30 1920×1080 images every second! Some security cameras can be configured to record in 720p at 60fps making them viewable in super slow motion. These types of systems are best for applications where recording fast movement is necessary.

Why Choose IP Security Camera Systems Over HD-CCTV (HD-TVI) Camera Systems?

IP Security Camera Systems have been around since 2008. IP Security Systems consist of Network Video Recoder (NVR) for storage and Network Security Cameras (AKA: IP Security Cameras). These systems work on ethernet cable. This technology allows you to give IP address to every IP security camera and make them accessible by any device in your network.

What are The IP Camera Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are pros and cons to using these camera systems.

Pros Of IP Security Camera Systems:

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) compliant. Power Over Ethernet allows you to provide power through ethernet cable so you don't have to have power supply or run a power adapter to the camera. All our NVRs in our pre-designed security camera systems support PoE.
  • Highest resolution in video surveillance industry. HD-CCTV is currently upgraded to 8 Megapixel (4K) resolution but still not close to max resolution of IP Security camera systems which can go as high as 50 Megapixel.
  • Ethernet Based Technology. These days every company have network infrastructure and most IT Executives and System Administrators prefer everything to be addressable and accessible in their network. With HD-CCTV systems, you would only have the IP address of the recorder. All the HD-CCTV security cameras would be accessed through DVR.

Cons Of IP Security Camera Systems:

  • IP Security Systems are More expensive Compared to HD-CCTV Systems. You can get a similar security system with almost all the bells and whistles except the advantages above. If you do not need resolutions higher than 8 Megapixel, HD-CCTV security camera systems will provide pretty much the same thing at about 40-50% less price.
  • More complicated compared to HD-CCTV Systems if you don't have IT background or IT personnel. IP security systems require network configuration for each camera and you need to use more software tools to configure all the new IP security cameras.
  • Not Compliant with Old Analog CCTV Security Systems If you have an existing system that uses Coax cable and old CCTV security cameras. IP Security Systems are not compliant with those systems. You will have to install new ethernet cable.

IP Security Camera Systems Usage Areas

Casinos use network camera systems because the high resolution combined with the fast frame rate makes them the best option for high stake surveillance. Something to consider when choosing an HD security camera system is storage. Since the NVR is recording high definition video at such a high frame rate, it is important to have enough hard drive space for long term storage. Our security camera experts have storage calculators which can help users decide how many terabytes are needed for a month’s worth of video footage on a given number of cameras. Most advanced systems can be configured to record continuously, on motion, or a combination of both. A network surveillance system can be scheduled to record full time during business hours and then switch to motion at close for example.

How to View Ip Camera on Phone?

The email notification function is very important for those users who are viewing the system remotely. An IP system can be configured to send an email to one or more users automatically. Some network cameras have audio out connections which let users save a recorded message to the recorder and play it when motion is detected after hours. This feature is particularly useful for smaller businesses that need extra security but don’t want to add the cost of contracted security which can be expensive. A network system can be integrated with a company’s IP phone system (VoIP) using the SIP protocol. Network administrators are especially fond of this feature because it can help automate some tasks which would normally require manual input.

How to Setup a Security Camera System on the Network?

Our newest systems are plug and play. This means a user simply needs to power on the device and it will automatically begin scanning for compatible cameras and assign them to a channel on the recorder. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to configure a traditional IP surveillance system. These systems eliminate the need for a person with networking knowledge which lowers the cost of installation. Our IP security camera systems include options for every component needed to complete a system. Everything from the cable connectors to the camera lens is included to complete the installation. This means a user can add storage, cables, connectors, a monitor, and even PoE switch to power PoE cameras. Let our team help you decide which surveillance system is right for you.