Hikvision Security Cameras

Hikvision Security Cameras

As one of the most in-demand surveillance brands in the world, Hikvision is one of the leading names responsible for many of the innovations used in surveillance today. Having specialized in Hikvision analog and Hikvision IP camera solutions for various environments, from residential to industrial, this brand continues to develop some of the most sought-after CCTV products on the market. As such, one can expect modern Hikvision cameras to feature functionality based on the intended environment as well as support for H.265+ compression, motion detection, night vision, edge recording, and more that make each Hikvision camera an effective tool for surveillance. Moreover, this brand is recognized for producing effective specialized CCTV products like LPR cameras, 4K cameras, temperature screening cameras, among other excellent options. Purchase your Hikvision security cameras today from A1 Security Cameras!

Hikvision Security Cameras

Features Unique of Hikvision Security Cameras

As one of the top innovators in the surveillance industry, Hikvision has produced CCTV cameras with incredible features allowing enhanced coverage in residential, educational, commercial, and industrial environments. Despite being offered at a diversity of prices that would enable everyone that needs surveillance to get it at an affordable cost, Hikvision security cameras still offer intelligent features at every level. Here are some of the features you may see in the products above.

Attribute Search: In recent years, combing through recorded data from CCTV cameras can be a hassle if you’re looking for specific persons or features. However, modern Hikvision security cameras and Hikvision connected recorders provide enhanced support by recognizing particular features. Such features include glasses, hats, hair length, clothing color, carried items, and more that define individuals. While seemingly minor, this feature allows for retail and law enforcement surveillance to track individuals based on specific characteristics. Moreover, these individual features can be looked up through the recorded footage, providing an immediate answer rather than needing hours of extra time to comb through recorded footage.

Hikvision Security Cameras

Heat Mapping: An exciting feature that complements already in place video analytics, heat mapping provides store owners with a history of where customers are most interested in and where they typically avoid. Offering a physical representation of foot traffic inside a store on a day-to-day basis, this data can provide store owners with a plan of action when needing to promote products, popularize a brand, or formulate deals based on demand. While seemingly minor, this feature provides another step for small and large businesses to better cater to their customers while making the highest profit possible. 

Hikvision Security Cameras

Perimeter Protection: For construction sites, high-value storage, and places where restricting area access is essential, perimeter protection is one of the best features possible. Particularly effective when used with Hikvision access control and vehicle entrance control, this feature detects movement at perimeters before activating the greater system. Integration of a Hikvision camera with this feature actively reduces false alarms while making the greater security system more efficient. 

Hikvision Security Cameras

Vehicle Access Management: On top of perimeter protection, Hikvision security cameras also feature advanced recognition when it comes to vehicles. Most commonly found in each Hikvision camera with LPR technology, this new feature to that technology by automating areas where traffic regularly flows and parks. Vehicle access management works well with gates and vehicle entrances, recognizing license plates or individual tags before triggering an automated response. For example, company owners can have gates automated to open when authorized vehicles are detected. At the same time, the system locks out unauthorized vehicles and can set off alarms in the case of unauthorized entry. 

Hikvision Security Cameras

Common Questions about Hikvision Security Cameras

Is a Hikvision camera any good?

Judging by demand alone, Hikvision security cameras are some of the most popular CCTV products in the world. With the brand constantly at the forefront of technological advancements in surveillance, each modern Hikvision camera often includes advanced features that complement integrated systems and help to secure the surrounding home or business. Moreover, cameras manufactured by this brand are usually offered at affordable prices while featuring functions that keep them competitive against security cameras of other brands. 

Do Hikvision cameras have audio?

Some do, specifically Hikvision security cameras with a -S, -UL, -IS, DS-, and some others feature audio capabilities. However, most common in Hikvision IP cameras and video doorbells, audio generally comes in one way unless clearly specified two-way. Moreover, the feature is uncommon in Hikvision analog cameras. 

How do I turn on Hikvision camera sound?

Activating the audio feature in any applicable Hikvision camera is only possible through the configuration menu. Just log into your camera through Hik-Connect or through a web browser and select Video/Audio before clicking the audio tab. Here, you can activate any audio capabilities present in your device, adjust it, and test it so that it might be up to your expectations. 

How can I access my Hikvision camera from mobile?

Hikvision has developed a mobile phone application called Hik-Connect that can be used to stream and manage your Hikvision security cameras. Available in popular mobile app stores,  this application may provide you with mobile alerts, multiple site management, and an easy way to keep track of security whether you’ve just stepped out or are halfway across the world.

Are Hikvision cameras Safe?

In 2021, a vulnerability had been discovered in Hikvision cameras and systems that allowed for complete control through connected internet ports without the need for a username or password. While Hikvisoin has developed and deployed a patch for the vulnerability, it does mean owners of Hikvision network systems need to be attentively ready to update their systems regularly. While this seems like a big problem, Hikvision is also quick to cover vulnerabilities and protect customer data in such cases. 

Can Hikvision camera be hacked?

As mentioned above, Hikvision has been subjected to vulnerabilities discovered in its devices, around 70 different types of network video recorders and IP cameras, to be exact. For those that regularly use the online features that connect their security camera system to the internet, this means your surveillance will need to be updated regularly when such updates are made available. If your Hikvision security camera system is updated regularly and wired instead of wireless, your cybersecurity should be secure against nefarious hackers.

Where are Hikvision cameras made?

Hikvision handles the majority of development and manufacturing in Hangzhou, China. While the company has offices in other countries, it only handles manufacturing for itself and other OEM companies in China. 

Why are Hikvision security cameras banned?

According to the 2019 NDAA established by the United States, Hikvision, Dahua, and several others have close ties to the Chinese Communist Party that manages the country of China. According to the United States, such companies and the Chinese government have acted counter to the interests of the United States.

How long does a Hikvision camera last?

Hikvision security cameras can last between six to ten years but can last even longer when kept in good condition. 

Which is better Hikvision or Swann?

Most Swann products are Hikvision as the former uses the latter as an OEM. Only recently in 2022, Swann switched to Raysharp to manufacture its products. As such, Swann might have its own user interface, but most of its products are still Hikvision and dependent on the original manufacturer for physical repairs.

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