Digital Watchdog

Digital Watchdog

Digital Watchdog

As a leading developer of recorders, security cameras, and video management software, Digital Watchdog is a well-recognized brand in the surveillance industry. Initially established as a part of Kaltec Electronics, Digital Watchdog had become its own brand in 1988 to develop surveillance solutions. Going on to have offices across the United States, DW is often known as an effective option for surveillance and security. Furthermore, the company has produced some of the most favored recorders in the industry.

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Digital Watchdog products are mostly compliant with NDAA

Is Digital Watchdog good?

Customers that use Digital Watchdog tend to praise the brand as flexible, capable, and versatile to handle. Each device tends to mix well with products from other brands like Hikvision and provides excellent performance regardless of if it is at a smaller or larger level. From the view of A1 Security Cameras specifically, it is an extremely sought-after brand that performs excellently in a given system.

Who makes Digital Watchdog?

While Digital Watchdog manufactures many of its products, Network Optix and Hanwha Network Optix also provide a great deal of the production and creation of products. When it comes to where most DW products are made, it tends to be South Korea. However, the products will generally be designed and developed in the United States of America prior to creation. DW management software is also manufactured in South Korea, with all products then being shipped back to America and around the world.

How do I access Digital Watchdog?

Digital Watchdog offers a service known as DW Spectrum that can be used on Apple, Linux, and Windows while featuring compatibility with multiple different brands across the industry and on A1 Security Cameras. All management and monitoring can easily be conducted through DW Spectrum.

Is Digital Watchdog NDAA compliant?

According to Digital Watchdog, the company is compliant with NDAA and specifically section 889 of the legislation applying to the United States. With reference to the A1 Security Cameras NDAA Guide, Digital Watchdog is an American company that manufactures products in South Korea and fits the definition of compliant towards the law. It does not feature any original equipment manufacturing from any of the banned companies and has no plants in China.