Security cameras in warehouses are one of the most valuable investments for a business as the structures are entirely devoted to storing products, merchandise, and equipment that may be handled multiple times per day.

Best Warehouse Security Camera Brands

Best Warehouse Security Camera Brands of 2022

Security cameras in warehouses are one of the most valuable investments for a business as the structures are entirely devoted to storing products, merchandise, and equipment that may be handled multiple times per day. While statistically one of the more minor targets for property crime, theft, and burglary, warehouses are still vulnerable to criminal activity. Compound that with the annual loss businesses in the United States experience every year due to employee theft, which amounts to millions of dollars lost every year. Therefore, business managers choosing to have warehouse security cameras installed in their storage facilities will enjoy multiple benefits that improve security, most notably the deterrence of internal and external criminal activity.

A1 Security Cameras has a wealth of options for warehouse security cameras, surveillance equipment, and products that can enhance general security. For those looking for the best brands to consider when choosing surveillance for your business, we have narrowed our selection down to the top five brands that can benefit business owners needing warehouse security cameras. Each brand below offers sophisticated products, exemplary technical support, and has produced NDAA compliant lines of products or has already developed their products to be highly competitive while in line with the federal restrictions!

1. LTS Security

One of the most popular brands offered by A1 Security Cameras, LTS Security produces multiple options for those looking to purchase warehouse security cameras while providing nearly every product at an entirely affordable price. Easy to install and easier to use, this brand's warehouse security camera system can most notably be flexible to the owner’s needs while producing excellent surveillance results. Furthermore, LTS and A1 Security Cameras have partnered up to provide customers with improved product technical support so you can enjoy far better assistance when your equipment requires professional attention.

LTS Security

NDAA Compliance: Not all products from LTS security are NDAA compliant, especially the older lines of security cameras and recorders. However, the company has gone to great lengths to accommodate customers in the United States. One such measure the company has taken is producing its line of NDAA surveillance products, the LTS Pro-VS series, that are entirely compliant with the 2019 NDAA. These products are offered through A1 Security Cameras today!

ONVIF Compatibility: Not all LTS products are ONVIF compatible, but LTS IP cameras are entirely compatible. However, the camera must be configured to work correctly. Most notably, the ONVIF protocol must be enabled and an ONVIF user must be applied.

Notable Features: LTS offers all of the most notable functions in its cameras and more in each of its products for those needing the most advanced warehouse security cameras. Remote viewing is easy with products of this brand through LTS Connect and Internet Explorer!

2. Digital Watchdog

Highly capable with sophisticated features, Digital Watchdog warehouse security cameras come as some of the most sought-after products on the surveillance market. As an American company, DW has made a name for itself as an effective alternative to the most popular brands like Hikvision and AXIS Communications. The company provides federal and commercial entities with end-to-end solutions that have proven entirely effective wherever installed. When looking to apply surveillance to your warehouse, Digital Watchdog security cameras are one of the best options you can pick!

Digital Watchdog

NDAA Compliance: Most Digital Watchdog security cameras are compliant with the restrictions put in place by the United States government. However, there are some that are not and A1 Security Cameras has developed the Digital Watchdog NDAA Compliant list for customers needing DW equipment while falling in line with federal regulations.

ONVIF Compatibility: Not all Digital Watchdog products are ONVIF compliant, rather those that are will be Profile S conformant and may need some adjusting when integrated into another system. Profile S means that only Digital Watchdog IP cameras and network video recorders are ONVIF compatible.

Notable Features: As direct it is in direct competition with brands like Dahua, Hikvision, and AXIS Communications, Digital Watchdog provides some of the most advanced features in its products. As discussed in an article comparing Digital Watchdog versus AXIS Communications, DW certainly features some of the most flexible management software in its security camera systems and makes doing so easy. Furthermore, with reference to our Browser Compatibility Guide, DW Spectrum is compatible with the most popular browsers for remote viewing and has an excellent mobile application!

3. AXIS Communications

An innovator in the surveillance industry, AXIS Communications is in the top three most popular security camera brands on the global market, earning the top slot in the United States in 2021. Known for the first network camera, the Swedish company has since been known for the intelligent design of each Axis security camera and Axis recorder while being one of the most effective options for commercial entities. While slightly more expensive, each AXIS Communications product produces quality video footage and functions at a higher standard. For those seeking warehouse security cameras, this brand is an excellent choice.

AXIS Communications

NDAA Compliance: According to AXIS communications, all AXIS products are compliant with restrictions put in place by the United States government and the 2019 NDAA. That means commercial entities that work with the United States government and federal entities can use all products by this brand.

ONVIF Compatibility: AXIS Communications helped found ONVIF, meaning IP cameras and network video recorders by this brand will be ONVIF conformant in one way or another.

Notable Features: There is no denying that AXIS Communications produces some o the most effective products on the market. One such example includes the AXIS Camera Station, making it entirely easy to manage your AXIS security camera system. Another example that was developed by AXIS Communications is the AXIS Lightfinder, which produces far better quality in low-light settings.

4. Panasonic

Recognized in multiple industries, Panasonic produces some of the best security cameras that are most capable of high-quality video production. Technologically advanced, Panasonic IP cameras and Panasınic recorders have been known to provide business owners with the best opportunity to see what is going on at every level of their company. While products by this brand are known to be expensive, Panasonic warehouse security cameras can easily be one of the best choices for a business owner!


NDAA Compliance: At the time of writing, Panasonic has not released a thorough list of products that adhere to the restrictions put in place by the United States government with the NDAA of 2019. The company itself has not been transparent about products that adhere to the legal restrictions and has not provided a thorough list to reference for products that can be considered by any entity related to the federal government. Therefore, A1 Security Cameras does not recommend Panasonic to federal entities or commercial businesses that actively contract for the United States government.

ONVIF Compatibility: Panasonic IP cameras are ONVIF Profile S compliant, with newer products being near entirely compatible across the board.

Notable Features: Something Panasonic is known for is the attention to security the brand provides for owners of Panasonic security camera systems. Specifically known as Panasonic Secure Communication, the program was developed to be a better defense against cybernetic attacks against Panasonic 5, 6, and True 4K Series security cameras. Furthermore, those that own Panasonic security camera systems can enjoy Panasonic iVMD, which intelligently detects movement by people based on the owner’s setting.

5. Bosch

Known for excellently designed electronics in multiple industries, Bosch also produces some excellent Bosch security cameras and surveillance equipment. As one of the top ten most popular brands in the world, security camera systems are most notably known for the features they provide for owners and more easily integrate with other security systems like alarm and motion triggers. Furthermore, Bosch produces products of all prices, including those in surveillance. Those needing warehouse security cameras can easily find an option with this brand.


NDAA Compliance: Prior to 2019, Bosch was one of many brands that had products manufactured in China by companies that would soon be banned in the United States. Since then, the brand has gone to great lengths to provide Bosch NDAA compliant products and is working to provide American customers with security cameras and related equipment that can be used by federally associated entities.

ONVIF Compatibility: Bosch cameras with BVMS 10 and better are ONVIF Profile S compliant, but those with older Bosch security cameras might not have such capabilities.

Notable Features: As mentioned above, Bosch security cameras can more effectively integrate with other security systems like motion detection and alarm. Warehouse security cameras by this brand can also use video management software to better manage larger security camera systems and provide enhanced functions that capture movement to a greater degree.

Best Warehouse Security Camera Brands of 2022

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