AXIS Video Recorders

AXIS Video Recorders

The recorder is the center of any given traditional security camera system and AXIS makes each of its recorders with quality in mind. Designed for retaining video footage, handling video management software, and tying a surveillance system together, AXIS video recorders are most certainly built with quality in mind. From four-channel to thirty-two channel, these recorders are known to function at a high enough level to complement the sophisticated features AXIS IP cameras include. Whether residential or commercial and at various levels of hard drive capacity, products like AXIS NVR are an excellent option for anyone that needs an effective recorder for their AXIS CCTV system. 

The A1 Security Cameras team is ready to provide you with precisely what you need when it comes to AXIS CCTV hardware. For product availability or services we provide, contact us today!

AXIS S1016 Mk II 16-Channel Camera Station - 0202-820

Features Unique to AXIS Video Recorders

Like AXIS CCTV cameras and other products offered by A1 Security Cameras, AXIS NVR are some of the most advanced video recorders on the market. While primarily designed for retaining incoming video footage and managing video management software, these devices still offer features that improve the overall security camera system to a greater extent than other branded recorders. Here are a few of the features that are included in modern AXIS network video recorders:

Built-in Cybersecurity: In each modern AXIS network product, there is a high level of attention paid to cybersecurity and defending the product against any foreseeable threat. When its software is kept up to date, an AXIS NVR provides a secure base for the more significant security camera system. Moreover, it gives users an interface to update each camera through so that cybersecurity threats like hacking and unauthorized entry are thwarted. For the best security result concerning surveillance, A1 Security Cameras recommends choosing a wired system over wireless

Future-Proofing: Particularly when it uses wires as the mode of transmission, AXIS video recorders remain effective years after the initial purchase and installation. Thanks to the constant software and firmware updates AXIS Communications offers through its site, AXIS network video recorders can be regularly updated by the owner or tech team when needed.

Video Analytics: AXIS offers a wealth of options when it comes to keeping track of a given environment with varying levels that can be managed through the central AXIS NVR or recording system. Depending on the level of sophistication devoted to the security camera system, AXIS video recorders can detect anything from simple movements to identifying what is making those movements, whether the perpetrator is human, and if it is out of the ordinary. Furthermore, more advanced systems can feature some degree of facial recognition and work with an integrated database to match the person for later analysis. 

Commonly Questions About AXIS Video Recorders

Does Axis make an NVR?

Certainly, AXIS NVR products are some of the most in-demand security camera recorders on the market and feature several functions that benefit a given surveillance system. Notable products in this regard include the AXIS Companion NVR and the AXIS compact network recorder. 

Can I remotely activate my AXIS NVR?

Yes, you can remotely stream and manage your AXIS video recorder as well as security cameras after setting up the AXIS Camera Station offered by A1 Security Cameras. Located in our AXIS Software Licenses section, this system provides AXIS surveillance system owners with the opportunity to quickly set up added cameras to the AXIS NVR, promptly search through relevant data, activate motion detection, control other systems like doors or alarms, and more. After the initial setup, the system also allows for remote streaming and managing the system from mobile devices. 

What NVR will work with Axis cameras?

While one can mix and match brands in a given security camera system, conflicts between hardware may arise that reduce or completely hinder the entire security camera system. For example, A1 Security Cameras recommends only using AXIS recorders when it comes to AXIS security cameras for a better chance of full functionality, especially when discussing network devices. We encourage this to the point that our installation team will not mix and match a system. 

Will an AXIS NVR work with 3rd party software?

A1 Security Cameras entirely recommends mixing one brand of hardware with the software of another brand for practical purposes as functionality cannot be guaranteed. However, AXIS has stated that 3rd party software can function with an AXIS recorder or overall system with the help of the AXIS Store Data Manager found in our available AXIS Software section. A1 Security Cameras has a right to decline services to customers when problems arise with security camera systems due to the addition of 3rd party software. 

Local AXIS Video Recorder Installations in DFW

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