AXIS Software License

AXIS Software License

Like their surveillance hardware, AXIS Communications is known for producing some of the best video management software and IP camera licenses on the market. Each AXIS software license and program is designed with a high degree of care, so it produces the best results possible not only for Axis security cameras but also for Axis access control as well. With numerous options offered by A1 Security Cameras, anyone needing programs like the AXIS Camera Station can enjoy easy access regardless of whether they have access control, a security camera system, or both. With such AXIS software licenses, network products produced by AXIS like AXIS IP cameras will have full functionality and be digitally connected to the rightful owner. 

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AXIS Camera Station 5 CORE Device License - 0879-010

Features Unique to AXIS Software Licenses

AXIS software licenses and programs come in various packages to fit the best role in any given system. For example, the AXIS Camera Station comes in a base form that includes four AXIS camera licenses, tampering alarms, motion detection, a device setup wizard, audiovisual identification, and more. As shown above, there are also other software management packages developed by AXIS communications and offered by A1 Security Cameras. Here are some of the most notable features these programs are known for and which feature them:

Intrusion Detection: Featured with the AXIS Fence Guard software offered by A1 Security Cameras, the intrusion detection function works with cameras to catch intruders and unauthorized movement on a given perimeter that the camera can view. Upon detecting the motion, the system will alert those with access and respond appropriately with integrated systems. 

Loitering Guard: A downloadable feature for specific AXIS IP cameras, the loitering guard detects people and activates time-based triggers to alert those with authorized access. Sophisticated in nature, this function can provide settings to environments within its view. When a person enters a restricted area, the system automatically sends out a notification and can reduce false alarms credited to complete motion detection. 

People Counter: Any business with a storefront needs to know the number of visitors that enter through their doors daily. This AXIS software license provides exactly that and more by keeping track of each visitor that enters through the main entrance within view of the AXIS IP camera. Find this license in the above list of licenses offered by A1 Security Cameras!

Smart Search: When it comes to sifting through video footage, it can be a massive hassle to find specific instances. The AXIS Camera Station fixes that, providing labels and points anyone with authorization can use on a given system to see what happened in the view of the camera. 

Common Questions about AXIS Software Licenses

Is AXIS Camera Station free?

No, as shown above, the AXIS Camera Station is a product sold by A1 Security Cameras for a fee based on its current value. Additional software for that AXIS software license can be downloaded and applied for free from the AXIS Communications site after the initial purchase, but such enhancements are not worthwhile without the software package. 

How do I set my AXIS Camera Station?

Firstly, create a MyAXIS account and register your preferences with the program. Secondly, connect your recorder or computer directly to a router and set the hardware up accordingly. After purchasing the AXIS Camera Station from A1 Security Cameras, you will be granted a code. Log into your MyAXIS account and input that code where needed to download the software to your system. Upon completion, the AXIS software license will be ready for your configuration and personalization. 

Which browsers support AXIS Camera Station?

AXIS Camera Station is supported by the most popular browsers in use today with the most used being Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. While the software can be used with Internet Explorer and Safari, it is reported to have a delay. 

Is Axis Camera Companion free?

Yes, the AXIS Camera Companion is a free application for mobile devices and computers that compliments a security camera system with AXIS Camera Station. The program is an excellent addition for anyone that takes surveillance seriously. 

What is Axis Zipstream?

AXIS Zipstream is a program in modern AXIS products that retains the analytical quality of a video feed while cutting down the storage and bandwidth requirements. Furthermore, this software allows any camera it is applied to, including PTZ cameras, to run much more efficiently day and night. 

What does AXIS fence guard do?

AXIS fence guard offers a simple yet sophisticated upgrade to a security camera system. Upon detecting movement near a perimeter fence or through a gate, the technology alerts the necessary individuals while it can also activate integrated systems for an appropriate response. The AXIS fence guard is available for purchase in the list of AXIS software licenses above.

Commercial and Residential Surveillance System Design

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