AXIS IP Security Cameras

AXIS IP Security Cameras

One of the leading names in surveillance technology, AXIS Communications has developed an IP camera for almost any environment that requires a security camera system. Offered by A1 Security Cameras, these AXIS IP cameras feature some of the most up-to-date technology in the industry while coming in a wide range of designs like dome, bullet, PTZ, panoramic, turret, and more. Each of the modern AXIS IP cameras offered through our store also may feature sophisticated functions unique to AXIS CCTV products like built-in cybersecurity, scene intelligence, forensic WDR, electronic image stabilization, and more. Additionally, many AXIS IP cameras support HDMI transmission for a direct-to-screen connection for more personalized systems. When paired with an Axis NVR made by the same brand, these products are some of the most capable on the market for those needing surveillance. 

As seen here, A1 Security Cameras has a variety of AXIS IP cameras available for purchase. Contact our team for more precise availability and details on specific products. So look over what we have to offer and purchase your AXIS CCTV hardware today!

Features Unique to AXIS IP Security Cameras

When it comes to advanced solutions in surveillance, AXIS IP cameras are some of the best options available. As one can see through the comprehensive catalog of AXIS CCTV products available on the A1 Security Cameras site, each comes with sophisticated functions that provide any potential owners with additional benefits to their security camera system. Here are some of the functions that AXIS IP cameras may include:

Lightfinder: Whereas past modes of surveillance needed to be specialized for low light, AXIS IP cameras are commonly outfitted with Lightfinder technology to brighten what is streamed to the recorder. The concept is simple, with the technology activating when detecting dark pockets within view of the camera and uses its CMOS sensor to brighten it for viewability. 

OptimizedIR: Compared to other CCTV cameras, AXIS IP cameras feature far better quality in dark environments thanks to OptimizedIR. Put simply, the technology reduces the drop in quality found in other infrared cameras and produces video footage of impressive quality, especially when paired with the enhancements AXIS VMS brings. 

System-on-Chip: Whereas many manufacturers rely on 3rd-parties to develop the internal hardware in each product, AXIS Communications primarily does not with AXIS IP cameras. Providing the sophisticated functionality one expects from AXIS CCTV products, the brand develops ARTPEC-8 chips that allow for the many applications these IP cameras deploy when activated, like deep learning, enhanced video footage quality, improved cybersecurity, and more. 

Thermal Imaging: Included on the more advanced AXIS IP cameras, thermal imaging is a feature that breaches dark and low visibility environments to provide further awareness to the security camera system owner. Combined with motion detection and other analytical functions AXIS has become known for, an equal level of security surveillance can be applied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Zipstream: For those needing to streamline how their security camera system runs, AXIS IP cameras using Zipstream reduce the requirements modern CCTV products regularly require. The effect is monumental, with modern products cutting the needed bandwidth and storage requirements by half and being particularly effective for PTZ cameras. AXIS CCTV PTZ cameras function at a higher level than ever before with Zipstream by dynamically compressing the incoming video footage. 

Commonly asked Questions about AXIS IP Cameras

How do I update my AXIS IP cameras?

AXIS Communications makes updating the firmware in your AXIS IP camera entirely easy thanks to their Firmware database. Furthermore, each AXIS network video recorder features a basic form of AXIS Camera Station, which also includes a version of AXIS Camera Management where the upgrade process is initiated through. The following steps then occur to upgrade AXIS IP camera firmware:

  1. Download the necessary firmware you need from the Firmware database
  2. Log in to your AXIS Camera Station at the recording hardware or remotely
  3. Access AXIS Camera Management
  4. Select the exact IP camera or cameras that need to be updated
  5. Click maintenance and Upgrade Firmware
  6. Click Select, allowing you to browse your computer for the recently downloaded firmware
  7. Once the firmware is uploaded, click Ok and the camera should begin updating
  8. Your IP camera should restart, after which your device is now fully up to date!

What is the AXIS IP camera default password?

  • Username: root
  • Password: pass

For some AXIS CCTV products, admin/admin also serves as the default and password. For brand new AXIS IP cameras and network devices, owners will be prompted to create their unique username and password before access is granted. The default in such an instance will therefore not work and traditional technical support in this regard will be more directed towards individual responsibility.

How do I access my axis camera remotely?

AXIS Camera Companion (preferably version 2.0 or newer) makes remote access to AXIS IP cameras far easier than ever before. Available through computers, touch pads, and modern cell phones, firstly download AXIS Camera Companion on any device you’d like to use and then log in with your myAXIS account credentials. If a myAXIS account has not yet been created, you can press Register and do so. After this has been completed, a site will be created that you can link your AXIS IP cameras and greater security camera system to for regular remote streaming. Linking cameras to this site is convenient and easy with the configuration tab (represented by a gear on the top left) on the user interface of the AXIS security camera system regardless if the central system is an NVR or computer. 

What operating system do Axis cameras use?

AXIS IP cameras and network hardware rely on AXIS OS for full functionality. Linux-based and inherently open, this system specializes in cybersecurity while providing maximum accessibility to authorized users. AXIS OS particularly specializes in edge recording for those needing one to three camera systems. 

Do Axis cameras use Java?

Yes, AXIS uses Java for the functionality and control of IP cameras. Other related or notable programs used in AXIS CCTV products include JPEG, Quicktime, Active X, Codex, and others that allow for the sophisticated surveillance such hardware complements security camera systems with. 

Local AXIS IP security cameras in DFW!

When it comes to the best network products on the market, AXIS IP cameras are always in the discussion. That is why when you are looking to get them installed in Dallas Fort Worth, trust the professionals at A1 Security Cameras to get your new AXIS CCTV cameras up and running. With years of experience and training accompanying each professional on our team, we can certainly provide you with the best possible installation experience offered in the industry. Furthermore, our team can design a system that perfectly meets your needs and upgrade it when needed after the installation is complete. So contact the A1 Security Cameras installation team today for more information on our services and to schedule your AXIS IP camera installation!