Retail Camera Systems

Retail Camera Systems

Retail stores face unique challenges when keeping a storefront and general location secure. Not only does each need to be attentive to products displayed, but each store must also monitor customers, employees, and allow for the safest environment possible to conduct business in. That is where a retail security camera system comes in, combining indoor and outdoor security cameras to cover every corner of the store. With each connected to a video recorder, you retain weeks or over a month of footage while enjoying some of the best features a retail store surveillance system can include.

Our team has developed each retail security camera system offered below for the most effective surveillance result. Contact the A1 Security Cameras team today for availability and more specific information on each product!

Fire Protection & Monitoring


Intrusion Detection


Quality Assurance

We understand that every business is looking for the best in their systems and A1 Security Cameras takes that seriously with each retail security camera system offered here. Featuring the best functions developed by the surveillance industry, security cameras and related hardware can be an effective tool for you when choosing any of the options above or on the A1 Security Cameras site!

Technical Support

A1 Security Cameras works to provide you with the best experience when purchasing any of our products, like a retail security camera system. While A1 Security Cameras does not offer personalized technical support, we can help in communicating problems to the original manufacturers for the best solution for your problem. Reference our Technical Support page for more information!

Night Vision

Having issues at night or in low light areas? Each retail security camera system offered here features either low light or full night vision functionality. Common in modern surveillance products like IP cameras, this feature allows you to surveil your storefront and back rooms without having to have security personnel constantly in attendance. Moreover, retail store surveillance system options offered here can easily integrate with access control and alarms already in place for a faster response to criminal activity!

Phone App

Most brands that create each retail security camera system you see here have also developed a phone application for remote viewing and management. Popular brands offered through A1 Security Camras like LTS, Digital Watchdog, Speco, and more allow you to keep an eye on your storefront or any other part of your business while you can be anywhere in the world with a decent signal. Each is available on popular app stores used by Apple and Android!

A retail security camera system can be the perfect tool for you as, typically, retail locations have multiple points of interest that demand simultaneous monitoring. Security cameras help enforce loss prevention against customers and employees alike while retaining a preferred sales margin. Whether it's shoplifters, employee theft, or any unlawful activity, the right retail store surveillance system for your business is imperative. 

Suppose you would like something more personalized for the Point of Sales (POS), PTZ cameras for an expanded view, Analytics, License Plate Recognition for parking lots, or any other advanced technologies. In that case, our experts are available to answer any questions you might have. We have a massive catalog built for our customers and our sales team is standing by for your call!

Retail Security Systems FAQ

Benefits Of Using One Of Our Professionaly Designed Security Camera Systems?

  • Systems come plug and play ready. Only requirement on customers end is hooking cabling to desired setting.
  • Our cameras are capable of pulling power from our NVR (Network Video Recorder) so power cable is not necessary.
  • Retail security cameras stores equipped with security systems can take advantage of discounted insurance rates.
  • All our security camera systems have Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone's and offer live stream of monitored areas.
  • Easy step by step instructions.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Unlimited technical support.

Every retail situation is unique and often requires some level of customization. The main difference between these systems are the cameras themselves and the different functionalities offered. We utilize different camera resolutions, lens size and camera technology to give the best result to our customers.

What Is Included In Our Retail Security Camera Systems?

Our professional experts design retail security camera systems which include:

  • Cameras of your choice: bullet, dome or turret. Commonly includes a mixture of indoor and outdoor cameras as well as those capable of capturing license plates if needed.
  • Cameras come equipped with superior HD quality, digital and or optical zooms as well as image capturing technology (WDR, BLC, IR, etc.)
  • Corresponding cables and appropriate lengths
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Remote viewing features
  • Pre-installed storage capable
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Unlimited technical support

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Retail stores faces a unique set of challenges. Frequently requiring a combination of both indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Whether the goal is to monitor employees and or protect merchandise at A1 we understand our retail customers need for a comprehensive solution. These systems have a simple setup with the quality that will beat any electronic store brand. (Fry's, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco and Sam's Club.) Retail security camera systems provide surveillance solutions for one of the most difficult and common scenarios around - providing security in a retail setting!

Retail Camera Systems