AXIS Access Control

AXIS Access Control

As a leading name in surveillance, AXIS Communications also produces quality access control products perfect for homes and businesses. With notable products like AXIS D2050-VE and the AXIS a1001, AXIS access control products offered by A1 Security Cameras have a proven track record of effectively securing each location they are installed while improving security overall. These systems also include video door stations, card readers with keypads, and more that can provide additional screening for visitors. Like their cameras, AXIS access control is also made to be secure against cyber threats and provides owners with just as much warning to approaching threats when detected. 


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Features unique to AXIS access control

While not necessarily the specialty of the brand, AXIS access control still features a couple of effective and unique features that provide system owners with an edge. Especially effective when paired with AXIS video management software, these features allow users to effectively manage who enters a facility and effectively keep an extensive history for reference. 

AXIS Barcode Reader: Giving out keycards and fobs for a facility can be a hassle, especially when you need to install the infrastructure needed for the traditional access control to work. AXIS access control eases the cost and makes the process simple by allowing the distribution of barcodes for those that need access. When paired with AXIS door controllers, these bar codes can simply be emailed and quickly provided to individuals when necessary. 

AXIS Entry Manager: Specifically for small to mid-sized companies, AXIS Entry Manager is a solution that can keep records of those entering, activate alarms, and more. Provided as a software extension for AXIS systems, this feature provides a given AXIS surveillance and access control system with an additional edge of security to keep a given area safe.  

Commonly asked questions about AXIS access control

Can AXIS video door stations be used in security camera systems?

Yes, AXIS video door stations work smoothly with a greater security camera system but should match the brand. A1 Security Cameras cannot guarantee the functionality of AXIS video door stations if it is paired with a system that was developed and produced by another brand. 

Does the AXIS camera station manage AXIS access control?

Yes, AXIS camera station software will manage AXIS access control systems along with the same brand of surveillance that is physically connected through the central recording hardware

What is an AXIS network door controller?

Current AXIS network door controllers or AXIS a1001 is a product that allows control over two entrances in a given facility. Open platform by nature, this system works with AXIS control software and the features mentioned above to provide a greater sense of security for a given business location. Furthermore, the system easily integrates with alarms and surveillance for greater functionality. 

Why choose Axis access control?

Simply put, what AXIS access control lacks in the diversity of products, it makes up for in the quality of products offered. Whereas competing brands might need hundreds of fobs and keycards, AXIS makes it easy by allowing certification to be relegated to personal or company cell phones. In addition, while other brands need a specialized process for surveillance, alarms, and access control to be integrated into one system, AXIS access control can be integrated into alarms and surveillance under the same brand from the getgo by way of a simple connection. At the end of the day, other brands typically rely on past generational standards when it comes to access control while AXIS access control can be considered more modern. 

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