Established in April of 2016 in its modern form by A1 Security Cameras, Oculur is a brand of security cameras meant to provide homeowners and business managers with affordable yet highly capable security cameras. Designed and manufactured by a manufacturer with over twenty years of experience in the security industry, these devices are easily some of the most reliable options on the market while also being available in a variety of different designs for those needing specific functions. So whether you need an analog or internet protocol camera for an analog or digital security camera system, these devices and their respective recorders are perfect for you!

Can I build a security camera system entirely out of Oculur?

Absolutely, A1 Security Cameras offers several products under the Oculur brand that allow anyone around the world to enjoy an entire Oculur security camera system with the exception of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This means that you can order Oculur security cameras, recorders, cables, access control, and related accessories before implementing them into the same system for a fantastic result. Such a capability cannot be understated, with even the accessories including the connectors, video footage hard drives, junction box, tools, and more. Building an effective surveillance system has never been easier with such availability open to you. 

What designs do Oculur cameras come in?

Oculur security cameras are available in several different designs, with only A1 Security Cameras featuring each type available to you. As shown above, Oculur camera designs can include:

  • Box
  • Bullet 
  • Cube
  • Dome
  • Mini dome
  • PTZ

Each of these types of cameras also comes in high-definition analog and internet protocol, allowing you maximum flexibility.

Why choose Oculur?

Oculur security cameras and related devices are affordable while offering some of the best features available in the security and surveillance industry. These security cameras are subject to strict quality control standards, meaning malfunctions and failures are prevented from the getgo. However, even if one were to fail, each product features an excellent warranty that benefits the customer with enhanced service. Furthermore, they are just as capable as the top brands available on the market, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy a security camera system at the right price without having to compromise on features that you absolutely need. 


When considering Oculur security cameras and devices, enjoy our system design services so that you can make the most out of any security camera system you choose to implement. Our professionals can quickly provide you with the best attention to detail on the market and design a surveillance apparatus that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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