2Gig 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Smoke Heat Freeze Detector (Non-encrypted signal)

Part Number: 2GIG-SMKT8-345
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2Gig 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Smoke Heat Freeze Detector (Non-encrypted signal)

The 2GIG Smoke Heat Freeze Detectors are designed to recognize smoke from common synthetic materials and decrease nuisance alarms from everyday cooking. Using advanced detection algorithms and a sophisticated photo-electric optical sensor, these two detectors meet the new UL standards for the year 2020*.

UL 217 & 268 Smoke Alarm Standards bring 250 new technological changes to traditional smoke detection. Meeting the new UL standards, the 2GIG Smoke Heat & Freeze Detector provides increased performance and better detection of smoke, including smoke from common synthetic materials found in home furnishings. These synthetic materials generally have a faster burn rate reducing escape time from an average of 17 minutes to 3-4 minutes (UL Press Release – February 2018).

Traditional smoke detectors trigger an alarm when any smoke density reached a specific level, which could have just been normal cooking events. The 2GIG Smoke Heat & Freeze Detector uses advanced algorithms and a sophisticated optical chamber to improve the detection of smoke particles created by some synthetic materials, separate from organic smoke associated with normal cooking events. The new technology is designed to trigger an alarm faster when synthetic smoke is detected versus smoke from cooking, adding to safety and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Meets new UL217 8th edition and UL268 7th edition requirements.
  • Designed to recognize smoke from some synthetic materials.
  • Monitors and reports on excessive temperature variations.
  • Optical smoke detection chamber for improved smoke detection.
  • Rate of Rise alert is sent to the panel and
    a siren is triggered once the room temperature is 104 ̊F and the temperature rises 15 degrees or more in one minute.
  • Extreme high/low temperature alerts.
  • Long-lasting battery with projected life of 10 years.
  • 2-year product warranty.
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Ordering Part Number: 2GIG-SMKT8-345, 2GIG-SMKT8e-345

Wireless Signal Range: 350 ft (106.7m), open air with Wireless Control Panel

Transmitter Frequency: 345 MHz

Compatibility: 2GIG-SMKT8-345 works with 2GIG Panels, 2GIG-SMKT8e-345 works with GC2e and GC3e Panels only

Supervisory Interval: 70 minutes

Dimensions (D x H): 4.7 x 1.8 inch (120 x 46 mm)

Weight: 0.46 lbs

Audible Alarm: > 85dB (A) at 10ft (3m) minimum

High Temperature Level: 134˚F + ⁄- 4˚F

High Temperature Rate of Rise: Temperature above 104˚F and increases 15˚F or more in one minute

Low Temperature Level: 40˚F + ⁄- 4˚F. Reset at 45˚F + ⁄- 4˚F

Operating Temperature: -40° to 100°F (4.4°C to 37.8°C)

Operating Rel. Humidity: 15% to 95%, non-condensing

Batteries: 2 x CR123A

Regulatory Listing: UL268 7th Edition, CAN/ULC S529 7th Edition, CSFM

Projected Battery Life: 10 years

Warranty: 2 years

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