As one of the oldest brands on the A1 Security Cameras site, Honeywell is one of the most recognized manufacturers of aerospace, construction, safety, and surveillance products across the world. As such, products like Honeywell internet protocol security cameras and access control systems have had a history of being entirely reliable. This American brand has made a name for itself in providing recognizable and quality products in all avenues of society. 

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What is Honeywell most known for?

Honeywell offers a wide range of different products across different fields. If the brand looks familiar, many homeowners have Honeywell thermostats while those that have served in the United States military might recognize their parts used in vehicles like helicopters and more. Most notably, Honewell has produced excellent security products like security cameras, switches, and access control. Furthermore, security camera systems with the brand Honeywell are often highly rated by installers and security professionals alike.

Is Honeywell a good company?

Honeywell prides itself on building a culture that values individuals while encouraging ingenuity. Careerbliss has reported that most Honeywell employees rate the company between four and five out of five with the happiest employees being mechanical engineers. The company itself offers benefits to each employee that are competitive compared to other companies. Furthermore, the company was recognized by Dow Jones as a component of the industrial index between 1999 and 2008.

What products does Honeywell make?

As mentioned, Honeywell is responsible for multiple products used across society like advanced technology put in vehicles, thermometers found in homes, materials used for all sorts of industries, and much more. The company is well known for producing HVAC equipment and is particularly effective in producing surveillance equipment like security cameras and related products.

Who owns Honeywell?

AlliedSignal currently owns Honeywell, having bought the company in 1985 before merging with it. Due to this purchase, AlliedSignal and Honeywell were able to effectively manufacture aircraft parts that would be regularly used in the industry.

Does Blackrock own Honeywell?

Blackrock does not outright own Honeywell but does own a considerable amount of shares in the company as of 2021.

Who makes Honeywell?

As the owner of Honeywell International, AlliedSignal manufactures products with the label Honeywell and is responsible for directing where each is manufactured.

Are Honeywell products made in the USA?

While Honeywell protective eyewear may be manufactured in the United States, most other products with the brand name are not. As such, that includes their access control, security cameras, and related devices. Like many companies, Honeywell has a manufacturing campus in Zhangjiagang, China, and produces most of its products from that part of the world. The manufacturing plant also makes the parts used for vehicles and the thermostats mentioned above.

Is Honeywell NDAA compliant?

With the A1 Security Cameras NDAA guide as a reference, most Honeywell products do not adhere to the restrictions put in place by the United States government and the National Defense authorization act. The reasoning is straightforward, with Section 889 detailing that federal entities and contractors will not consider companies manufacturing in China. Honeywell has claimed it offers NDAA-compliant products like the 30 Series, 60 Series, and Modum IP cameras, but those considering such devices that deal with the United States government should conduct due research on the products. While Honeywell has not necessarily been direct about the NDAA, it has dropped Dahua as of 2022 and is making attempts to make products that more align with the restrictions.