For any home or business owner looking to get a security camera system installed, the subject of video footage quality will surely be a factor to consider. It is undoubtedly one of some significance, with quality determining how much detail you actually can see in a given video stream, played back video, or generally saved video footage.  

Comparing Security Camera Footage Quality

For any home or business owner looking to get a security camera system installed, the subject of video footage quality will surely be a factor to consider. It is undoubtedly one of some significance, with quality determining how much detail you actually can see in a given video stream, played back video, or generally saved video footage. With that in mind, A1 Security Cameras works to provide you and all of our customers with the best options available.

In this article, we distinctly consider the technical information around video footage quality, which is best when comparing between the different types of security cameras, and mentioning the best brands at the time of writing. After this post, we hope that you have complete confidence to choose the best high quality security cameras or enjoy the option of configuring your video footage to that level with the products selected.

What is the best resolution for security cameras?

Right off the bat and at the time of writing, the best high resolution security camera footage a home or business can possibly achieve will typically be 4K to 8MP (meaning eight million pixels). Also referred to as ultra high definition or UHD, video footage at this level is the most detailed a person can achieve when everything is running smoothly. However, average security cameras will not necessarily produce such quality due to limitations in technology, which is why 4K security cameras are incredibly viable when you are distinctly looking for a high resolution security camera. While pricier, these cameras allow for the best viewing experience and can capture the most detail in video footage.

It should be noted that supporting devices in your security camera system may also need to be acclimated or entirely designed for a high resolution security camera. For example, when it comes to 4K, you might need an enhanced monitor that is capable of viewing footage at such a level. While not absolutely necessary with more modern screens, it will undoubtedly help.

Which is better 4MP vs 1080P?

When considering video footage quality alone, the clear winner between the two will always be 4MP. Simply put, 1080p is also known as 2MP, which comes out to be two million pixels in a given video footage stream. Therefore, 4MP is double 1080p or 2MP, producing double the quality through simply having twice as many pixels to show every detail through.

When we get specific, 1080p or 2MP is known as full high definition and is generally what we refer to as standard high definition. 4K is the next step in that evolution, producing twice as much capability through pixels as any footage prior to its development. However, as we will briefly discuss, there are specific requirements required for achieving that level of quality.

Is 4K better than 1080p for security cameras?

Is 4K better than 1080p for security cameras?

There is simply no arguing that when discussing the quality of video footage, 4K is superior to 1080p, as shown above. However, the ability for a security camera system to constantly produce the best possible footage from a high resolution security camera will come at a cost. That cost will distinctly arise when discussing storage space or the capacity of a given hard drive. What this means is the higher the quality of video footage, the more space it will take up where it is stored. That is a factor anyone considering a high resolution security camera should take into account.

However, it should be noted that while buying something like a 4K camera will mean it is capable of producing high quality footage; most security cameras can be configured to produce lower quality video footage. In addition, it does not necessarily mean that when you purchase a security camera, its standard output is set in stone and unchangeable.

What is the highest resolution analog CCTV camera?

Moving onto the first of the three security camera types we will mention in this post, analog cameras are entirely reliable in terms of surveillance, but do not necessarily present a system owner with high quality video footage. As the older generation of surveillance, the average analog device produces video quality that was considered great between 1990 and 2010. As such, the most these types of cameras are capable of is 720p, considered high definition, but not to the degree that we are used to today.

However, there are high definition options among analog cameras that are known as HD CCTV security cameras. These devices are entirely affordable and the more high quality options have the capability to produce 8mp or 4k video quality. However, keep in mind that these devices will be limited to analog systems. That means they require a digital video recorder and coaxial cabling instead of the modern alternative. While great on a budget, these cameras will not keep up with innovation.

What is the highest resolution for wireless cameras?

While there certainly are wireless cameras that are capable of ultra high definition and can easily be the best high resolution security camera in a given system, they typically are limited to much less. Normally, this would look to be around 1080p or standard high definition. Wireless surveillance might have the capability to have exceptional resolution, but they are typically more geared towards convenience and easy installation. That means by design they might not necessarily produce an effective result as would the wired alternative. They are also highly dependent on the local network, as explained in our past post comparing wired vs wireless cameras, meaning if you have a bad WiFi connection, your camera will ultimately suffer.

That does not necessarily mean that these cameras are unreliable nor that they do not produce a high resolution. With a strong wireless network and a capable wireless NVR, these cameras perform exceptionally well. As mentioned, they are entirely meant for easy implementation and provide someone needing a quick surveillance solution an opportunity.

What is the highest resolution for IP security cameras?

What is the highest resolution for IP security cameras?

Internet protocol cameras, better known as IP cameras, are different from the other two options presented as they are most capable of producing 4k resolution or better. Typically, this type of camera will most likely be what the 4k cameras shown above are. Considered the best high resolution security cameras, these devices allow for more advanced configuration and can offer a variety of other features to choose from. While typically more expensive than the other two, the technology they are made up of entirely makes up for the cost.

While IP cameras can function independently of a central recording system with an SD card, they can also be connected to a network video recorder for integration into a greater surveillance system. For the best result, and to get anything remotely close to 4k, connecting an IP camera to a recorder is highly encouraged. As will be discussed below, a recorder can help to provide you with the best video resolution possible.

What type of camera produces the best quality?

As shown, the internet protocol camera is the best security camera on the market for quality at the time of writing. As the newest and most advanced security camera presently, these devices are especially capable of producing high resolution when integrated into a wired security camera system. Furthermore, these devices are also entirely beneficial when considering other advantageous functions like license plate recognition and motion detection.

Through a high resolution security camera, your surveillance can better provide you with the most detailed video footage possible. Likewise, when LPR or motion detection is involved, you can gain exactly the information you need for any purpose from compiling security data, to reporting a crime to police, to even benefitting your own security personnel.

What is the difference in video quality?

To a normal person, 1080p might not look too different from 4k, but you might be more likely to notice the difference between 720p and 4k. While it might sound complex at first, the difference in quality is actually simple. Each digital image and video is made up of pixels, the smallest unit of measurement in a given piece of electronic art or mode of display. Put simply, they are dots that make up the greater picture or video. Whereas 720p is equal to 1280 by 720 pixels on a given screen and 1080p equals 1920 by 1080 pixels, 4k goes up to around 3840 by 2160 pixels. As such, the more pixels arranged on a screen, the better quality your high resolution security camera provides.

Best brand for security cameras quality?

A1 Security Cameras offers multiple brands that produce the best high resolution security cameras in the industry. While there are other options on the market, most often other types of manufacturers produce cameras built for convenience and will not necessarily last as long as those offered by the companies below. At present, the top for manufacturers of high quality cameras are:

  1. Axis
  2. Hikvision
  3. Geovision
  4. LTS Security

Comparatively to other sellers and installers, A1 Security Cameras offers only the best products from the most capable manufacturers on the market. Each of these companies is widely recognized for producing some of the best high resolution security cameras available at the time of writing. Not only are they capable of high quality video footage, but cameras by these manufacturers also provide excellent features that are typically unique to their specific brand.

How can I make my security camera better quality?

There are both slightly technical and entirely practical methods around improving a given security camera’s video footage quality. By themselves, surveillance might be completely capable, but the surrounding environment plays a massive role in determining what you see on your video stream or video playback. While this post will touch on how to improve security camera video quality, A1 Security Cameras has written a much more in-depth post on the subject in a past post that explores the subject in greater detail. Such factors in this subject include:

  • Camera placement
  • Lens condition
  • Surrounding lighting

As discussed in our previous article about camera placement, determining the physical environment around your camera while considering how to benefit it day and night will help to produce the best video footage possible. Furthermore, you can easily enhance by deciding on more technical qualities of a given security camera before purchase like:

  • Compression level
  • Infrared
  • Motorized zoom
  • Resolution capability

As discussed throughout this post, even the best high resolution security camera can be enhanced to produce perfect video footage or reduced to allow for more efficiency. Before installation in Dallas Fort Worth, our professionals will discuss your exact requirements for your security camera system. Through our process, we can easily set the initial standard you want that can be enhanced or dropped later to something more your speed.

Does the recorder make a difference?

Yes, while not in itself meant to, a recorder can improve the video quality of your high resolution security camera and general surveillance footage. Through configuration and the addition of managing software, a given recorder will record video data that is more enhanced than what has ever been possible before.

Whatever your chosen method for configuring your security camera, the process is generally simple. As seen in this past post, we entirely outline the process in a commonly used remote viewing program. With a recorder, a security camera system owner can experience superior video footage quality by adjusting each camera through this process or by physically doing it through the monitor connected to the recorder itself.

Software on the other hand will do something a bit more minor compared to its other functions. In certain programs and products, the video management software or VMS will take an active role in touching up the video footage so to be clearer and sharper for you. This does not necessarily mean it will have any significant effect, but it can make a difference when the footage is grainy or has spots that are hard to make out.

Can you stream 4K over Ethernet?

While not necessarily as capable as an HDMI cable, an ethernet cable can easily stream 4k through any network or to any recorder from a given high resolution security camera. Likewise, the same is also possible with a wireless WiFi connection, but it will put more strain on a local network and might not be as fast as a direct-wired connection. For high resolution and quality, cables that should be considered are ethernet and HDMI.

Are high quality security cameras worth it?

When you are considering the best quality of video footage, high quality security cameras are the most capable option available to you. As displayed, these cameras are easily some of the most effective on the market and can feature more than just high resolution and clarity. While they may be pricier, high resolution security cameras produce the sharpest imagery in a video feed and can improve your security surveillance overall. With a supportive system around it, which can be calculated in our free NVR/DVR storage calculator, you are sure to better enjoy the best possible security camera system. For more information on any of our products and services, our design team is more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to build the perfect system. Contact us today!

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