A1 Security Cameras prides itself as one of the best security camera system installers in DFW.

Improving Home Security System Audio and Visual Quality

Improving Home Security System Audio and Visual Quality

A1 Security Cameras prides itself as one of the best security camera system installers in DFW. However, we have received many questions about audio-capable cameras, how to improve audio from wireless cameras, and how to add audio to analog systems. Below, we have provided the solutions we often include in our own security camera systems, which are expanded upon further down in this article:

  • Installing the best cameras with audio
  • Enhancing wireless signals
  • Adding audio to existing systems
  • Adjusting each camera (if possible)
  • Managing the surrounding environment

In a previous post, we highlighted the common problems concerning security camera audio and gave brief yet effective solutions. In this post, we will go in-depth on the best security cameras with audio at the time of writing and how to improve them, and those that may already exist in your home.

Video quality likewise is connected to the audio, for the most part, having a capability depending on the connection between the camera and the surrounding apparatus. Furthermore, recorders define the quality, resolution, frames per second, and more on top of the cameras. That can be seen with the capability to produce sound. Whereas old DVR systems could not do so, newer digital video recorders and network video recorders could.

What are the best home security camera systems with audio?

The best security cameras on the market at the time of writing that can include audio capabilities typically are internet protocol or IP cameras. Such devices are best due to their enhanced performance compared to other cameras and the vast array of features they display, which will be expanded upon below. Furthermore, there are multiple options for these cameras due to several big-name brands developing their own unique device designs. Such names include:

  • Axis
  • Digital Watchdog
  • Geovision
  • Hikvision
  • Vivotek

These names and more produce the best internet protocol cameras. Specifically, the best type of outdoor camera for a home's exterior typically is the IP bullet camera. The best indoor camera for the interior is the IP dome camera. These security cameras can be wired and wireless, unlike most wireless cameras. Furthermore, they offer excellent features like:

  • Cloud storage
  • Enhanced video quality
  • Internal data storage
  • Manageable resolution
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Software implementation
  • Wireless capable

Compared to analog cameras, IP cameras produce much better video footage quality. Furthermore, the device can do so constantly when hardwired normally or by power over ethernet, unlike the WiFi-dependent wireless camera. Furthermore, such a camera features control over the resolution of incoming footage. This is important because it can provide more detail when increased or save you on storage space when decreased.

By design, it can store video footage on a separately bought SD card and function without a centralized recorder if necessary. When connected to an NVR or central computer, more advanced software can be implemented for more advanced features like motion detection and enhanced management. Basic and affordable types of video management software are included with most network video recorders or can be installed into a converted computer.

What is audio and visual dependent on?

As mentioned above, internet protocol cameras do not necessarily require a central recorder or as much wiring. However, there are multiple aspects in a home that will affect what security cameras and related devices produce. As mentioned above, audio and visual quality are dependent on three factors in a security camera system:

  • The cameras
  • The connection
  • The electrical charge
  • The recorder

Each of these four factors that affect audio and visual quality complement each other while functioning to produce the best possible result based on the owner’s needs. However, if one has an issue or is damaged, all the different parts of this system either produce a reduced result or nothing at all.

The security camera, for example, must have a sufficient power supply, or its functions will suffer if it can power on at all. Likewise, without an adequate connection to the recorder, the produced footage will either suffer or not reach the device at all. The recorder is the source where all video footage is stored in the majority of systems. A person can adjust the quality, resolution, frames per second, and more from the device. However, similarly to the security camera, if the connection, camera, or electrical charge suffers, then what is produced will as well. The best method to avoid such mentioned problems is to install it correctly and regularly observe the condition produced through the recorder. A1 Security Cameras offers system design for customers globally for the best result. Our team can deliver the best solution for your home and the exact parameters you expect.

How can I boost a weak WiFi signal?

A1 Security Cameras provides customers in the United States and globally wireless access points available in our catalog. For homes and businesses with WiFi or wireless cameras, these devices can give a stronger signal in areas that have devices requiring it. Better yet, they do not strain the original network signal like WiFi extenders but produce another signal where you need it most. Furthermore, cameras that can be wired with ethernet cables installed farther out can still receive a wired signal with PoE extenders. Simple in design, these devices are small in size but allow for the extension of an applicable ethernet cable while still enjoying power over ethernet.

Do all security cameras have audio?

Most cameras offer the capability; however, the majority of those that sell audio-capable cameras do not sell them due to the legal laws present in the United States and globally. Specifically, such American laws are those like the federal wiretap law or the state-specific one and two-party consent laws. Furthermore, audio capability can create liability issues for businesses and is typically avoided on such a basis. However, newer and more advanced cameras are more commonly featuring the ability with examples like:

  • Internet protocol cameras
  • Video doorbell cameras
  • WiFi cameras

As referenced above, IP cameras are different at a performance and design level from WiFi cameras. The same holds true for video doorbell cameras as well, but this specific camera consistently more commonly features audio capabilities than the other two. We offer a video doorbell buying guide for those interested.

Can you add audio to security cameras?

Especially for analog cameras, A1 Security Cameras offers audio surveillance attachments like microphones, speakers, and installation kits. Analog cameras, for the most part, do not feature sufficient internal audio due to it being an entirely separate signal outside of what is transported through coaxial cabling. These attachments provide an avenue for security camera system owners to implement the feature precisely where it would best complement the camera. Furthermore, speakers allow the system owner to enhance an alarm system or to scare off intruders and animals alike remotely. If the DVR features audio-capable ports, the user can quickly implement such features.

Is wired or wireless better for audio security?

As it pertains to security camera systems, wired is always better than wireless when concerning the produced video footage quality. As mentioned above, some modern analog systems can provide audio, especially when paired with audio surveillance attachments but do not compete with fully wired modern systems. Such typically look like an NVR with internet protocol cameras, all connected with ethernet cables. A home or business owner can easily expect much better quality out of a system of this nature and can also enjoy it streamed to your mobile as well. We have provided a discussion of wired versus wireless cameras in our blog.

Which cable is best for camera audio?

There are multiple cables used in the security camera industry, with the top three examples being:

  • Auxiliary
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI

When it comes to noticeable differences between the three, there is relatively little difference to any given person. However, the HDMI and industry-standard ethernet cables carry both audio and video footage, whereas auxiliary does not. Furthermore, HDMI can be difficult to install on security systems and do not carry a charge, whereas modern ethernet is capable of power over ethernet. For the best result, A1 Security Cameras recommends the cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable for modern security cameras when audio and visual quality are a focus.

How good is security camera audio?

The majority of microphones in modern security cameras are small and not necessarily as advanced as what would be commonly found in a phone. So instead, the best way to describe them is what would get the job done. Video doorbells, for example, have a limit of a few meters when recording audio before the quality suffers drastically.

On the other hand, wireless and internet protocol cameras may feature more capable audio surveillance. However, those hoping to record far-off sounds will be disappointed as most of those with audio surveillance has a limit of only six meters before quality begins to deteriorate. Furthermore, noises within the range will not be as clear. Spoken conversations, for example, will not necessarily be understood unless close in proximity to the camera.

Why not buy Wyze, Nest, Ring, or Arlo cameras?

As discussed in a post comparing Ring cameras to proper security cameras, mass-marketed video doorbell cameras are built for convenience but lack in quality and security. Such devices can easily be:

  • Destroyed
  • Tampered with
  • Stolen

Due to their positioning next to entrances, these devices can be disabled before one of the three events listed occurs. Furthermore, these cameras are susceptible to jamming and hacking when not directly wired to a router. However, even when hard wired to the local network, these devices are still vulnerable to cyber attacks.

A1 Security Cameras features several wired and wireless security cameras available to you from our site. Featuring the most reliable brands like Axis, Hikvision, and more, we are fully capable of helping you build the security camera systems that meet your needs. For more information about any of our fantastic products or services, please contact us today!

Jan 9th 2022 Wayne Hahne

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