Within the past ten years, a common feature in home security has become the doorbell camera. Also going by the video doorbell, over 16% of homeowners or 20 million houses in the United States alone have implemented some form of the device as of 2019,

Video Doorbell Buying Guide

Video Doorbell Buying Guide

Within the past ten years, a common feature in home security has become the doorbell camera. Also going by the video doorbell, over 16% of homeowners or 20 million houses in the United States alone have implemented some form of the device as of 2019, according to Strategy Analytics. It is no secret how such a device has reached widespread adoption, with benefits like:


  • Easy to use
  • Enhances security
  • Sends remote alerts
  • Simple installation

A security camera such as this should then be built to match the customer’s expectations, performing to best secure any installed entrance. With so many video doorbells on the market, like the Axis doorbell and Hikvision doorbell, let A1 Security offer some suggestions to the consideration process. With so many options on the market, we can provide doorbell cameras to serve as standalone features or complement a sophisticated security camera system.

What should I look for in a video doorbell?

With the popularity of video doorbells, it is easy to assume that all have similar features accessible immediately after installation. However, that is not necessarily the case with older models only designed to communicate with a station on the home’s interior. In the present generation of these devices, there are many more features available that make life easier, with examples like:

  • Alerts upon activation
  • Low light camera
  • Mobile streaming
  • Motion detection
  • Remote streaming
  • Two-way communication

These features are precisely what you should be looking for when considering a video doorbell. Furthermore, prospective buyers should heavily consider a PoE doorbell camera or one that connects directly into the doorbell transformer for the best performance. As will be discussed, directly wiring the video doorbell will produce the best result possible.

The best way to explain what a person should be looking for in a video doorbell is to make screening visitors easier. Such a device will provide alerts to your mobile device and grant you the ability to give instruction or turn away unwanted visitors even when you are not on the property. The quality that should be avoided when considering video doorbells is battery-powered instead of a PoE doorbell camera or direct connection to a doorbell transformer. Security cameras that run specifically off of batteries are far less reliable than those with a direct link due to once it goes out, it is inoperable.

Does a video doorbell have a monthly fee?

Does a video doorbell have a monthly fee?

It is a common trait for video doorbells to have a monthly fee meant for specific features that may include:

  • Cloud storage
  • Video playback
  • Cellular backup
  • Fire damage insurance

However, most doorbell cameras do not require a monthly fee, even if available. Most products of this nature feature remote streaming and alerts upon being installed and integrated with the local network. The most work a buyer will have to do if the initial product does not include cellular device alerts or certain features is added equipment or have a central base for the camera like an NVR or computer.

Why you shouldn't get a ring doorbell?

When compared to proper security cameras, Ring doorbells are far less effective. Additionally, as covered previously in the A1 Security Cameras blog, Ring video doorbells have been the subject of multiple lawsuits against Amazon due to vulnerabilities against cyber attacks as well as problems with the battery violently malfunctioning. Furthermore, these devices are vulnerable to:

  • Crippling through relatively little force
  • Dismantling without the owner’s knowledge
  • Reduced performance without Protect Plan

Like Nest cameras, Ring doorbells are ineffective, especially in the face of tampering, whereas traditional security cameras are built with a more durable exterior. Therefore, a homeowner serious about security should invest in a more durable PoE doorbell camera or implement a security camera system.

Does a video doorbell have to be hardwired?

Does a video doorbell have to be hardwired?

The majority of video doorbells do not necessarily have to be hardwired but should be anyways. As mentioned, a PoE doorbell camera or a video doorbell connected directly to the doorbell transformer are proven to be far more effective than the battery-powered alternative. The best doorbell security camera is by and large connected directly to a power source because it has a far less chance of losing operability without constant adjustments commonly found when batteries are needed. Furthermore, as shown by the A1 Security Cameras post about jammers, a direct connection allows for a more secure installation that is proven to be durable in the face of tampering.

Is a doorbell camera worth it?

For homeowners, the standard video doorbell has proven to reduce the chance of burglary and home invasions. In addition, the system allows property owners, present or not, to accept packages and give instructions without physical interaction. While the benefits are seemingly small, implementing the device by itself provides a massive boost for home security. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with a home security camera system, the device adds a practical addition to surveillance that allows interaction unavailable in other surveillance devices.

Doorbell connection diagram

What is the most reliable doorbell camera?

A1 Security Cameras has several video doorbells available on our site, like the Axis doorbell and Hikvision doorbell. However, the best doorbell security camera is dependent on the buyer. As mentioned above, the device should be a PoE doorbell camera or can directly connect to the doorbell transformer. Furthermore, perks like cellular device alerts and two-way audio are essential for home security. If you are looking for true security, a security camera and recorder prove the most effective solution. However, for more information on doorbell cameras and other security products, contact A1 Security Cameras today!

Jun 2nd 2022 Wayne Hahne

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