A1 Security Cameras provides multiple products and options for home security cameras that help secure home security.

Home Security Cameras VS Ring Doorbells

Home Security Cameras VS Ring Doorbells

Can Ring Doorbell be Used as a Security Camera?

A1 Security Cameras provides multiple products and options for home security cameras that help secure home security. However, millions of homeowners across the United States have adopted using Amazon’s Ring camera as an addition to their security systems. Unfortunately, the doorbell camera has proven to be more of a hindrance with several complaints brought to Amazon over the product and even a class-action lawsuit against the company due to the system being hacked. Before considering an Amazon Ring doorbell system, compare the highly effective options A1 security has to offer.

What Ring Doorbells are Being Recalled?

While it has been popular, the Ring doorbell has many problems that can either expose the homeowner’s personal network or be open to direct damages. Another such example on top of the aforementioned lawsuit is a problem with the battery that led to many systems igniting or exploding.

While the models with this issue have been recalled and Amazon claiming there has been a patch to cover the hack, the truth with Ring products is that they are still ineffective compared to home security cameras.

Why is it Important to Have Security Cameras?

Are There Problems with Ring Doorbells Today?

In that regard, Ring cameras can still be a security hindrance due to more issues like:

  • Being dismantled without the knowledge of the homeowner
  • Destruction of the system through relatively little force
  • Far less efficiency due to the owner not purchasing the Protect Plans

Such issues are largely reduced if not ever found in modern home security cameras that are properly installed. This is because security cameras are designed to enhance the security of the homeowner and their property.

Why is it Important to Have Security Cameras?

Home security cameras like the Oculur Dome IP Security Camera are proven to have a far superior performance to the Ring that allows for a superior security system in and around the home. Comparatively, this camera outperforms competing brands of outdoor security cameras and products like the Ring doorbell through features such as:

  • Resistant to the weather
  • Clearer imagery
  • A durable vandal-proof design
  • Solid range night and day
  • Effective storage
  • Night vision

Contrasted with Ring doorbells, an IP security camera is superior by leaps and bounds. Whereas the Ring is designed for a fixed view that makes only screening visitors convenient, outdoor security cameras like the Ocular dome allow for that and more. Especially when paired with a recorder like the Oculur XNR8K-2, home security cameras work to provide you with around-the-clock surveillance you can view even from your cellular device. In addition, whereas the Ring doorbell can expose your wifi system and can easily be damaged, outdoor security cameras are far more secure by design.

Why Home Security Cameras?

Why Home Security Cameras?

Back in August, A1 Security Cameras published a post about the benefits of security cameras in businesses. Outlining some of the advantages that come with a security system in businesses, many of the points from the post can easily apply to home security cameras like:

  • They don’t have “time off”
  • They allow remote monitoring
  • They discourage suspicious activity

According to Safeatlast, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to experience a break-in, with 65% of yearly burglaries happening during the daytime when the homeowner is not present. Whereas the Ring doorbell is unlikely to see anything unless the event happens within its field of view, a home security camera is far more likely to catch events through a much larger field of view. Better yet, modern technologies like license plate capture technology allow for better detail gathering whenever necessary. Such technology and more are in modern outdoor security cameras such as the Oculur Bullet IP Security Camera, among other models found at A1 Security Cameras.

Unlike Ring doorbells, modern security cameras are also crafted to be more durable against tampering and damage. This is because outdoor security cameras built for the home or businesses can take more force directed at them. In addition, whereas the Ring doorbell has a simple plastic exterior, security cameras feature a much more durable design crafted from tougher materials or even metals.

The Amazon Ring Doorbell is crafted for convenience but does more harm than good for your personal security. With A1 Security Cameras, you get a wide variety of products specifically crafted to benefit you, your family, your home, and your business. Check out our massive selection today and see what we have to offer!

Sep 29th 2021 Wayne Hahne

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