LTS HD CCTV Security Cameras

LTS HD CCTV Security Cameras

Developed by LTS Security to provide reliable surveillance through a high-definition analog signal, LTS HD CCTV security cameras are one of the best choices for those still using an analog security camera system with a DVR. Used for years by commercial and residential customers, these products have a proven track record of performance while still competing with current-gen network and LTS IP cameras. As the name implies, these LTS HD CCTV cameras produce excellent quality video footage while most often also featuring an enhanced analog connection, dynamic noise reduction, high-performance infrared, and weatherproofed exterior. 

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Recognized Features in LTS HD CCTV

Despite being the previous generation of LTS security cameras, LTS HD CCTV cameras still offer quality performance through dependable functionality. These products are built to last while producing video footage better than the standard of their time and still compete with popular current-gen surveillance cameras. Here you will find some of the features that may be included with LTS HD CCTV cameras. 

Dynamic Noise Reduction: Relying on the connected digital video recorder, LTS HD CCTV cameras actively touch up the resulting video footage by enhancing dark spots and clearing up areas that may appear blurry. While seemingly simple, this feature allowed for video streaming and recorded footage to display far more detail than without. 

HD-TVI: Standing for high definition transport video interface, HD-TVI produces a 1080p picture at 30fps for those viewing video footage or streaming while also allowing for PTZ control signals to be transmitted over a coaxial cable. A significant improvement over standard analog, this type of connection allows for the modern standard of video footage quality to be possible on past generations of surveillance products and the LTS HD CCTV cameras. 

LTS HD CCTV Security Cameras

High-Performance Infrared: Need surveillance at night or in low light? LTS HD CCTV cameras can get exactly that with the infrared technology built into each camera. Now standard in the vast majority of security cameras on the market, this feature allows for a considerable distance to be viewable through your LTS HD CCTV. Though only in black and white when reviewed or streamed, the function makes surveillance effective after closing a store or when the family is asleep. 

Weatherproof: Throughout the generations of security cameras, LTS has been known to develop each with a highly rated exterior with a rating of IP67. That means most LTS HD CCTV cameras can resist anything from storms, to moderate impacts, to even regular business at industrial sites. While not waterproof, rain and high winds are not effective against these products when installed correctly. 

LTS HD CCTV Security Cameras

Technical Support for LTS HD CCTV

While known to last for years without a problem, A1 Security Cameras still extends some of the best support available for LTS HD CCTV security cameras. When purchased from our site, each LTS product receives a three-year warranty, advanced return authorization, simple swapping for similar products, and much more that make retaining an LTS security camera system a stress-free process. Moreover, we offer advanced technical support directly from the original manufacturer, so any problem that may arise can be dealt with fast!

LTS HD CCTV Security Cameras

We can Install and Upgrade your LTS HD CCTV System in DFW!

The A1 Security Cameras installation team is always ready to install your security camera system with products purchased from our site. Thanks to our team of experienced professionals, we can get the job done and build you a system that meets each expectation. Moreover, our team can upgrade your system from analog to hybrid and digital so that you can keep up with the latest standard of technology. Contact our installation team today for more information and to schedule your appointment!