What is Z-Wave?

What is Z-Wave?

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The simplest explanation for Z-Wave is, smart home automation. Z-Wave connects compatible devices by using a wireless communication technology. Users can control locks, security systems , lighting, heating, cooling and other home appliances from one controller. Standart electronic devices can be adapted to this technology.

Z-Wave uses 900MHz radio signals to provide communication between hooked up devices and the controller unit.

What are the Pros of Z-Wave ?

Z-Wave supports 200+ devices per controller and multiple controllers can communicate with one another to pass further commands. In today's security industry, more than 250 brands manufacturing compatible products for Z-Wave. Low latency optimization allows quick responses and all this provides a great control to users over their home , office or whereever Z-Wave is used.

What are the Cons of Z-Wave?

The main purpose of Z-Wave is to provide a easy-to-use, high-tech home security system. However, connecting too many devices to one network creates security vulnerabilities. Not all devices are produced for security, but Z-Wave can also connect them to the same network, this allows hackers to infiltrate your system eventhough you have a strong password.

Jan 23rd 2019 Seth Adams

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