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Aimetis Releases Aimetis A10D Thin Client

Posted on July 1st, by Matt Wilson in Latest Updates from Industry. No Comments

We just got great news from our friends at Aimetis that they released Aimetis A10D thin client hardware to make access to Aimetis server easy and view 1080p video from 30+ network video manufacturers. Here is more detail about it:

Deploying IP video just became a lot easier thanks to the Aimetis A10D. The A10D is an ideal product for public view monitors commonly found inside retail, banking, and transportation sites. The product decodes up to 1080p video from over 30 network camera manufacturers, and it is compatible with HDMI monitors supporting up to 1080p resolution.

There are two main deployment scenarios for the A10D:

It can be deployed alongside Aimetis Symphony or Physical Security Appliances and act as a companion product. This doesn’t mean it replaces all thick clients, but in cases where dedicated PCs are only used for live video display, … Read More »

FLIR One: Thermal Imagining on Your Smartphone

Posted on June 6th, by TB in Latest Updates from Industry. No Comments

Imagine being able to see a mechanical malfunction in the form of a heat signature in the palm of your hand.

FLIR Systems, the worlds largest thermal imaging and components producer, is promising just that.


The FLIR ONE will allow users to easily convert their iPhone5 and 5s into a powerful thermal imaging device by attaching a thermal sensor to the back of the smartphone like a cell phone case.

Retailing at less than $350, the FLIR ONE will detect heat signatures in the 32 °F to 212 °F range. Among other things, the ONE’s suggested uses include outdoor heat detection,  mechanical thermal imaging, and health applications.

Examples in their feature video include:

Outdoors: While outdoors one can use the device to see any dangerous animals which might be approaching a camp site.
Mechanical: Engineers can use the device to visualize and and analyze temperatures of machinery and electrical equipment … Read More »

QNAP Security Launches VioStor NVR Firmware QVR 5.0

Posted on May 15th, by Matt Wilson in Latest Updates from Industry. No Comments

QNAP, one of our leading NVR manufacturers, has announced a new software update for their NVRs. Before going into the details of their software release, I’d like to mention that we worked with QNAP extensively on many installation and integration projects. Namely, in a school security system project here in Texas.  This project was published as “success story” by QNAP Security division. Our customers have been very happy with the flexibility and durability of QNAP’s Linux based NVR technology.

In a recent update from QNAP, we learned that they released their brand-new QNAP VioStor NVR firmware QVR 5.0. In this new firmware update, QNAP introduces:

Intelligent desktop with multi-window design,
Simplified user interface
Vcam & Vmobile that allows mobile phones to save videos straight from NVR to mobile phone
Simplified license management to new licenses into the system
myQNAPcloud which automates dynamic DNS and port mapping configuration
Intelligent … Read More »

Security Camera for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Plant

Posted on March 10th, by TB in Video Surveillance. 1 Comment

I had engineer from a precision braid textile plant call a few days ago with an interesting request. It’s not unusual to receive phone calls from experts in different industries. I’ve helped engineers at NASA, architects in New York, marine biologists in San Diego and everything in between. We usually get the same questions over and over. “How far can it see?” and “Will it read license plates?” are a few examples. Others simply collapse at our virtual doorstep when a human being answers the phone after combing through hundreds of sites like a forensic analyst.


With so much information about cameras on the web, it’s easy to see why so many people have such a hard time choosing their devices. And I’m only referring to security cameras here. You still have video cameras, point and shoots, cell phone cameras, … Read More »

[INFO GRAPHIC] Myths and Facts of IP Surveillance Cameras

Posted on February 10th, by Matt Wilson in A1 Security Announcements. 1 Comment

If you’re having trouble deciding which camera is best for you and your needs, make sure you put all the myths behind and learn all there is to know about monitoring from every angle. Take a look at IP surveillance options that will keep you safe in the comfort of your home or business. Learn the facts, image resolutions; costs and most importantly understand the difference between analog, IP or wireless camera choices.
Make sure that when you are purchasing a security system, it will end up being the right one, below is a guide that will enable you to take control, feel secure and display any activity that might be very relevant, from the comfort of your home or business.

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