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Security Camera for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Plant

Posted on March 10th, by TB in Video Surveillance. No Comments

I had engineer from a precision braid textile plant call a few days ago with an interesting request. It’s not unusual to receive phone calls from experts in different industries. I’ve helped engineers at NASA, architects in New York, marine biologists in San Diego and everything in between. We usually get the same questions over and over. “How far can it see?” and “Will it read license plates?” are a few examples. Others simply collapse at our virtual doorstep when a human being answers the phone after combing through hundreds of sites like a forensic analyst.


With so much information about cameras on the web, it’s easy to see why so many people have such a hard time choosing their devices. And I’m only referring to security cameras here. You still have video cameras, point and shoots, cell phone cameras, … Read More »

[INFO GRAPHIC] Myths and Facts of IP Surveillance Cameras

Posted on February 10th, by Matt Wilson in A1 Security Announcements. 1 Comment

If you’re having trouble deciding which camera is best for you and your needs, make sure you put all the myths behind and learn all there is to know about monitoring from every angle. Take a look at IP surveillance options that will keep you safe in the comfort of your home or business. Learn the facts, image resolutions; costs and most importantly understand the difference between analog, IP or wireless camera choices.
Make sure that when you are purchasing a security system, it will end up being the right one, below is a guide that will enable you to take control, feel secure and display any activity that might be very relevant, from the comfort of your home or business.

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The Difference Between Analog and IP Security Cameras

Posted on November 5th, by TB in Video Surveillance. 3 comments

Type of camera: Analog
Type of cable: coxial cable, RG59, Cat5e/6 (balun)
Connectors: BNC
Power: 12VDC, 24VAC
Recorder: dvr, capture card, nvr (encoder)

Pros: cheap and easy to install Cons: non hd and no internal mic
Also known as: cctv, analog
Cost: $

Arecont Vision Revealed 6 New Products @ ASIS 2013

Posted on October 3rd, by Matt Wilson in Latest Updates from Industry. No Comments

Arecont Vision announced new products in Chicago during ASIS 2013 show. We saw exciting new products including the SurroundVideo 12MP WDR 360° panoramic camera, MicroDome cameras, MegaBall 2 cameras, MegaView 2 cameras, MegaDome 2 cameras and MegaVideo Compact Dual Mode cameras.

The myth of fake or dummy security cameras

Posted on May 15th, by Richard Davis in A1 Security Announcements, Home Security, Other Security Options. 8 comments

You can afford to buy a security camera system. That’s a good starting point we think. The camera does not have to be cheap and it doesn’t have to be a fake security camera. There has been a trend lately, or higher searches on Google, and a lot of misinformation spreading around the net around using dummy cameras, and even using old iPhones to use for security cameras. While we applaud the do it yourself attitude of homeowners and businesses, we also want to be responsible. Although we are in the security and surveillance industry, we recognize that it is better for everyone if their possessions and homes are protected.