In recent years, Hikvision and Dahua have been two companies experiencing a massive negative shift in popularity due to tensions between the United States and China.

Great Alternative to Hikvision: Speco

In recent years, Hikvision and Dahua have been two companies experiencing a massive negative shift in popularity due to tensions between the United States and China. More specifically, the two companies are mentioned in the 2019 NDAA, running afoul of section 889 as discussed in the A1 Security Cameras NDAA Guide. With both regularly earning spots in the 10 most popular surveillance brands worldwide, our team is constantly asked about an effective alternative to either brand by homeowners, business managers, and federal contractors alike.

Fortunately, A1 Security Cameras features multiple surveillance options that can effectively serve as an alternative to either manufacturer restricted by the United States. One such brand that has gone to great lengths to adhere to the NDAA and serve customers worldwide is Speco Technologies. Excellent for surveillance residentially and commercially, this company produces highly capable security cameras and recorders. In this article, A1 Security Cameras will provide a short comparison between Hikvisoin and Speco Technologies. With this comparison, you will enjoy another option available when looking to have a security camera system installed into your home or business!

Where is Hikvision based?

Hikvision is a Chinese company, specifically based in Hangzhou with manufacturing throughout the country. Featured on our list of Chinese surveillance brands, the company is more formally known as Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and is majority state-owned by the Chinese Communist Party, partly the reason why the United States restricts this brand and Dahua from federal use. While no longer feasible for federal entities and contractors, A1 Security Cameras still features Hikvision among our Chinese surveillance options for customers to purchase at the time of writing.

Where is Speco Technologies manufactured?

For many of our customers and anyone working with state or local governments in the United States, where Speco Technologies manufactures its products is important. In the interest of full transparency to our customers, Speco does produce most of its products in the United States, but not all. More specifically, many of their products are NDAA compliant. The company itself is American, having its headquarters and many of its manufacturing facilities in New York. Furthermore, Speco Technologies is making plans to move any remaining manufacturing from China to the United States or other NDAA-approved countries.

Best-selling product comparison: IP camera

Below, you will find a couple of the best-selling IP security cameras from each manufacturer displayed on the A1 Security Cameras site at the time of writing. As both produce multiple types and designs of security cameras, we will focus on the most relatable dome cameras in this comparison and will use them to moreover provide a general description of the difference between the two brands.

Sold out

Hikvision: Restricted by NDAA

Sold out

Speco: NDAA Compatible

When considering the options presented by either company, Speco Technologies does provide more affordable security cameras on a general basis when compared to the alternative. With the addition of their NDAA-compliant products, the brand provides a cost-effective avenue for those working with or for federal entities as well as a viable option for those worried about the restrictions put in place by the United States government.

While one might expect Hikvision cameras to have more effective options due to their global popularity, that is not necessarily the case when comparing the options offered by the two brands. When deciding on security cameras, Speco Technologies includes the same excellent features as the alternative and the other popular manufacturers on the site.

A1 Security Cameras works to provide our customers with the best products in surveillance available on the market. That is why due to the NDAA restrictions and current international relations, we recommend Speco Technologies as the brand of choice for security camera systems. For residents of Dallas Fort Worth, our team can also provide installation services to integrate surveillance into your home or business. Fill out the form in the installation link and see what we can offer you!

Are Speco cameras NDAA compliant?

Are Speco cameras NDAA compliant?

Like many other brands, Speco Technologies did have manufacturing in parts of China and still has products in circulation that run afoul of the NDAA requirements put in place by the United States government. Fortunately for customers shopping through A1 Security Cameras, we offer specialized category pages for such brands that allow customers to see products that are NDAA compliant, like the Speco NDAA Compliant page. Furthermore, the company is taking active measures to move manufacturing out of China and into countries that are unrestricted by the National Defense Authorization Act. Speco Technologies will therefore have several more options for those needing affordable and dependable surveillance in the years ahead!

Specialized equipment offered by Speco Technologies

Accompanying their security cameras, Speco Technologies also offers several other products that are NDAA approved. The company offers more of a variety when it comes to audio surveillance and output as opposed to Hikvision, which offers few products specialized for audio. From regular speakers to specialized options like ceiling, hanging, and wall-mounted. Furthermore, this brand offers NDAA-compliant recorders along with more technology perfect for security and surveillance in any home or business!

Specialized equipment offered by Speco Technologies

What is the Speco plugin?

As detailed in another article titled Security Camera Systems and Browser Compatibility, the Speco plugin is the application used on Internet Explorer and mobile phones to provide remote viewing to those with the same brand security camera systems. Known specifically as Speco Player, we go into greater detail about it specifically in an article titled Speco Mobile Security App. The application itself is straightforward and only works with Speco Technologies recorders. Furthermore, it provides ample warning for customers that primarily use cellular rather than WiFi. For those interested in or already own a Speco security camera system, this application will provide you with a further edge in surveillance!

Why choose Speco as a Hikvision alternative?

As detailed above, Speco Technologies offers affordable surveillance options and features NDAA compliant products on the A1 Security Cameras site. For Americans, Hikvision is a precarious option to choose due to the NDAA restrictions discussed in the A1 Security Cameras NDAA guide. One reason for this is that software and firmware in Hikvision products will not be supported within the United States. That means that businesses and homeowners with the technology can still have or even purchase them, but they will henceforth be more vulnerable to cybernetic attacks and malicious actions of the like. For that reason and those discussed above, the professionals at A1 Security Cameras recommend Speco Technologies products over those of Hikvision.

Purchase Speco products from A1 Security Cameras today!

As shown, A1 Security Cameras many Speco products available for purchase today by those in the United States and worldwide. Through these products, you can easily enjoy one of the most effective residential or commercial security camera systems on the market. Furthermore, through our design services, your surveillance can be planned out by the A1 Security Cameras professionals. Through our team of experienced technicians, we can build a system that meets your needs and meets a standard of excellence not found elsewhere in the surveillance industry. Contact A1 Security Cameras for more information on each of our products and services!

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