Speco Security Cameras

Speco Security Cameras

Since they started developing CCTV hardware in the 1980s, Speco Technologies has made it a point to be one of the top options for cheap security cameras and Speco recorders. Regardless of whether you are looking for Speco analog or Speco IP cameras, Speco cameras have made a name for themselves by being affordable yet sophisticated for both residential and small to mid-sized commercial use. In either environment, these cheap security cameras offer excellent features like a free SecureGuard, easy integration with products like Speco speakers, vehicle recognition, motion detection, video analytics, and more that make them a serious option for those looking to get surveillance on a budget.

speco security cameras

Unique Qualities about Speco Security Cameras

At their core, Speco cameras are cheap security cameras that can be effective for their price but only provide base functions when compared to the higher-end CCTV products by more prominent brands. Despite that, these products still allow for homeowners and small businesses alike to enjoy the edge in security only found when applying surveillance. While also heavily relying on other brands for manufacturing, these Speco cameras often fit a niche for customers needing modern functions on a budget. Here are some of the examples that you can expect from Speco cameras. 

2-Way Audio: A relatively rare feature in the surveillance industry, many Speco cameras do offer two-way audio in one form or another. This feature comes in two forms, entirely built-in or requires integration with other audio products that allow for the feature. This is a bit different from other brands that go out of their way to avoid audio due to liability issues or because there is simply little demand for the feature. With Speco Technologies, you can expect cheap security cameras that put a distinct focus on audio. 

Speco Security Cameras

Digital Deterrent: Among all of the features presented by Speco Technologies, Digital Deterrent is by far one of the most unique when compared to other brands offered by A1 Security Cameras. Thanks to their partnership with TVT, Speco cameras that include Digital Deterrent provide you real-time updates when someone trespasses into a restricted area. Not only that, the system is built to intelligently respond as quickly as possible to deter criminal assailants from damaging property, posing a threat against staff or customers, and stealing valuables on the premises. Moreover, this system messages you in real-time through multiple channels, can make posts about such occasions on social media, and can provide a direct line of communication with law enforcement when integrated correctly. 

Speco Security Cameras

Flexible Intensifier: Present in analog and IP Speco cameras, a flexible intensifier adapts surveillance to multiple light levels including direct sunlight, ambient, low light, and complete darkness. Designed for environments like theaters, classrooms, presentation halls, and areas that experience varying light levels on a daily basis while producing maximum quality at any of the mentioned light levels. 

Speco Security Cameras

Ultra Intensifier: Pushing infrared sensor technology to the limit, Speco cameras with ultra intensifier provide an increased level of detail when compared to standard CCTV. This feature allows for improved visibility in areas with varying lux levels within view by using advanced sensors, the enhanced lens aperture, and improved image processing found with Speco Technologies CCTV; this feature allows for improved visibility in areas with varying lux levels within view. Including WDR (wide dynamic range), this feature is perfect for outdoor environments, warehouse interiors, garages, and more. 

Speco Security Cameras

Common Questions about Speco Security Cameras

Who makes Speco Cameras?

According to IPVM, Dahua and Hikvision both have played a massive role in producing Speco Technologies products. The company, for years, has used both manufacturers as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) like many other companies within the surveillance industry. However, recently, Speco has used TVT as an OEM to manufacture their more advanced cameras.

Speco Security Cameras

How do I set up my Speco security cameras?

Speco Technologies has made it easy for you or your IT team to implement Speco cameras and relevant CCTV hardware. With the free Speco EZ setup wizard, integrating new security cameras into your surveillance system only requires plugging in the CCTV hardware to the recorder, and with a few clicks through the prompts you will be presented. 

Are Speco cameras NDAA compliant?

As mentioned, Speco Technologies has relied heavily on Hikvision and Dahua to manufacture many of the popular Speco cameras and CCTV hardware products it offers through A1 Security Cameras. That means that when considering this brand, special care must be taken when reviewing each product. However, recently Speco has developed several lines of NDAA-compliant Speco cameras, recorders, and relevant CCTV hardware. Moreover, A1 Security Cameras offers these products specifically on our NDAA compliant Speco products page.

Speco NDAA Security Cameras

Where are Speco cameras made?

Speco Technologies is based in New York, but at the time of writing conducts manufacturing around the world with notable countries including the United States and China. The brand itself does not display much information on this front, relying on interviews, articles by 3rd parties, and other sources.

Speco Security Cameras

Local Speco Security Camera Installations

Residents and business owners of Dallas Fort Worth can make the most out of their Speco cameras purchased from A1 Security Cameras by choosing our installation team. With our technicians, you can certainly experience the many advantages that come with surveillance while also having access to services like system design help, upgrades, and more that we offer. When you need the best possible security camera system for your home or business, contact the A1 Security Cameras installation team today!


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