The best locations for outdoor CCTV cameras

Many homeowners choose to install closed circuit television, or CCTV cameras to help protect their residence from burglars. Choosing strategic locations for these cameras will help provide comprehensive surveillance of the property and ensure that no corner is left uncovered, according to CCTV For Your Home.

Integrate visible and hidden cameras
When a burglar looks at a home, he or she will search for video cameras around the property. While having cameras in expected locations can help deter criminal activity, these cameras can easily be tampered with if they are not installed high off the ground. If intruders see cameras on the home, they may assume that they are the only ones on the property. Having hidden cameras will help catch these burglars even if they disable visible cameras or move stealthily around the outside of the home.

Cover the whole perimeter
Positioning cameras at different angles and locations around the perimeter of the residence can help provide 360 degree surveillance of all entrances and potential hiding places. If a burglar is lurking outside the home, having cameras in multiple locations will help track his or her moves and provide evidence for the police if a report is filed.

The higher the better
If security cameras are located within arms’ reach, burglars can easily be destroyed. Burglars have been known to spray paint lenses and cut wires to disable the video feed, rendering the camera useless for security purposes. Installing equipment in high locations will keep deter robbers from tampering with the cameras, and also provides a wider surveillance range for each camera. Further, The Resist Attack Foundation suggests angling cameras toward the front door and windows. This will provide surveillance of common openings into the home and dissuade criminal activity.

Motion sensors
Motion detector technology is a great ally for outdoor home security when it is dark outside. Along with night vision lenses, they can be used to detect burglars moving around the property. Many homeowners choose to connect a motion detector to an outdoor light that will automatically turn on when the equipment senses movement. Motion detectors are commonly installed on back entrances of the home that are not visible from the street, as neighbors and passersby are less likely to detect an intruder in this area. However, when the light is activated at night, residents in the neighborhood will know that a home may be in danger.

6 thoughts on “The best locations for outdoor CCTV cameras

  1. Nice post. Security cameras are used for two basic purposes, investigation and deterrence. we need to carefully choose where security camera place them. Entrances and exits, customer transaction points, targets(cash drawers, jewelry cabinets, safes, filing cabinets ) and secluded areas. These are the 4 best locations to position security cameras. In so doing, we will capture useful investigative images and take advantage of security camera’s power to deter crime.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips for locating outdoor CCTV cameras.
    I work with an agency which needs to locate a outdoor camera, now i can do this easily.


  3. Nice post!!! You provide really very informative information on all type of home security systems. The best location for the security cameras are entrance and exits place of the home

  4. Hello. Thanks for this info, this will help a lot of people to make their decisions in easy way I really appreciate it and I wanna read and increase my knowledge more.

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