[INFO GRAPHIC] Myths and Facts of IP Surveillance Cameras

Posted on February 10th, by Matt Wilson in A1 Security Announcements. 2 comments

If you’re having trouble deciding which camera is best for you and your needs, make sure you put all the myths behind and learn all there is to know about monitoring from every angle. Take a look at IP surveillance options that will keep you safe in the comfort of your home or business. Learn the facts, image resolutions; costs and most importantly understand the difference between analog, IP or wireless camera choices.
Make sure that when you are purchasing a security system, it will end up being the right one, below is a guide that will enable you to take control, feel secure and display any activity that might be very relevant, from the comfort of your home or business.

IP Surveilance Cameras Infographic

How do IP Security Cameras Work?
Who needs remote access surveillance?

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2 thoughts on “[INFO GRAPHIC] Myths and Facts of IP Surveillance Cameras

  1. Great coverage on the gist of security cameras. With so much confusion out there on what’s available, it’s nice to have some other help out there creating guides for consumers. It’s also hard to keep up on the never ending trends of home automation and changing technology

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