ACTi's Building Management System

ACTi's Building Management System


Over the years, most business have started adopting the concept of smart buildings which usually operate automatically. However, there are challenges in this area of which the services of experts in this field need to be consulted. For instance, there has been a need to check building management systemsand put in the place the equipment that consultants specify. This is because it is common for a supplier not to produce the best components such as fire, security, HVAC, lighting system and control, and energy systems falling within the same project range as such operation management making the disparate system more complex. Also, a lot of systems require high operational expenditures, higher capital, and complex shooting because of this.

This has led ACTi to develop a Building Management System (BMS) to help in automating and taking full control of the operations that take place in the best efficient way for the business, within the constraints of installed equipment and plants.

The benefits of ACTi's Building Management System are numerous and for the purpose of businesses, we shall look into some of them.

1. Creates Smarter Buildings

Most modern buildings are built using complex systems and this has led to efficient management becoming a big issue. The Building Management System offered by ACTi has been designed to make operational and energy efficiency more effective for your building.

So far, the BMS has made building functions like security, fire alarms, security, HVAC systems, door stations, digital signage, parking lot management system, and other systems can automatically communicate with each other to make routine operations and incidents be handled instantly.

2. Vehicle Management

License Plates can be automatically identified once they enter the parking lot. This helps in recognizing blacklisted (and white- as well) cars in order to alert security.

3. Promotes Energy Efficiency

BMS helps reduce the expenses by controlling HVAC, lighting and other power systems automatically.

4. Access Control

This is a very efficient feature. Face identification is used as an additional security feature of ID cards. If there is any case identity mismatch, the system will not give access to the holder and then sends a video notification.

5. Evacuation during an Emergency

If there is any form of emergency such as a fire incident, an audio broadcast, digital signage, access control and video verification would be enabled for evacuation support.

ACTi's Building Management System is a very efficient system for your building and it is pertinent to have this installed for full automation and access control of all the operations that take place at your business place. There is no better building management system than ACTi's Building Management System.

Jan 23rd 2019 Seth Adams

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