Axis Ultra 4K HD Camera Release

Axis Communications has done it again with the release of their P14 line of cameras, featuring 4K Ultra HD. They are among the first manufacturers to release a camera with this technology.

The term 4K Ultra HD refers to the fact that products with this technology feature a horizontal resolution up to 4,000 pixels. This resolution provides picture clarity, and the ability to see details lost when using other resolutions.

The P14 line of cameras are compact, outdoor-ready, bullet cameras that feature remote zoom and focus, a pixel counter to assure that the highest resolution is met, and power over ethernet (PoE) supplies to power the camera without the hassle of power cables. Axis defines them as "ideal for 24/7 surveillance" in areas like parking lots and service stations, as well as in indoor situations that call for a compact camera. Their low-weight casing and integrated bracket make them excellent for wall or ceiling mount, and there are many other mounting accessories available for this series.

The P14 line of cameras features 4 cameras with resolutions beginning at 1920x1080 all the way up to 3840x2160. A further breakdown can be seen below:

Feb 4th 2021 richard

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