Dallas cameras catch thieves in the act

Dallas security cameras have been busy recently, catching two unrelated incidents on tape in the downtown area.

Surveillance equipment recently taped an unidentified couple driving their pickup truck into a Texas Rangers fan shop and stealing team paraphernalia.

At around 2:30 a.m., a truck was seen crashing through the front of the store. The couple spent approximately 30 seconds grabbing T-shirts, jerseys and other Rangers merchandise.

Although the duo got away with a large quantity of goods, the store manager believes that the man and woman were not regular customers. During the robbery, the couple snatched last season's playoff gear off the clearance rack rather than this seasons more expensive jerseys; leading the manager to suspect that they had never been in before.

"I'm pretty horrified that anyone would do that," Nela Moore, a frequent customer, told Dallas NBC affiliate DFW5. "This is really Dallas' team right now."

Shortly after this crime was committed, security cameras caught another robbery at a nearby Apple computer store. According to Houston's KHOU-TV, thieves broke into the store's Genius Room and got away with 15 computers or more than $30,000 in merchandise.

At this time, police do not have suspects in custody and are asking the public to come forward with any information regarding either crime.

Oct 4th 2020 Richard

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