How to Secure Your Home? Think Like an Intruder

To protect a home from intrusion, it is important to think like a burglar. By getting in the mindset of an intruder, homeowners will be able to better secure their home from a break-in and pick up on the little things that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, according to Reader's Digest.


Check the locks

It is very common for home intrusions to be carried out by people who are already somewhat familiar with the layout of the home. If servicemen are working in a home, it is a good idea to test all window and door locks after they've left. Workers have been known to unlock back windows and doors that usually go unchecked by residents, allowing them to gain easy entry into the home later on. Residents should ensure that all locks are secure to protect from a break-in.



Clear the yard

Burglars can tell whether or not residents in a home have good or expensive taste by looking at the flowers and toys strewn on the front lawn. Homeowners should opt for low-key landscaping and bring all children's toys inside when they are not being used so a home does not stand out more than others in a neighborhood. If the exterior of the residence looks unassuming, burglars will not be as tempted to wonder what is inside.



Hide the alarm pad

Many homes have windows or glass panels around the front entrance, which allows burglars to easily see inside. When residents invest in a home security system, they should also install the control pad in a location that is not visible from the front door. That way, intruders will not be able to gauge whether or not the alarm is activated from the outside.



Rethink the mail slot

Most mail slots are installed against the wood grain, which weakens the horizontal strength of the door and makes it easier to kick in. These homes are easier to break-in to than others. If possible, homeowners may want to install a mailbox next to the door. If a mail slot is essential, have it installed no higher than a quarter of the way up the front door to keep this entryway secure.



Install an in-wall safe

When burglars break into a home, they will immediately look for a safe filled with valuable items. If a safe is portable, a burglar will take it with them when they leave. Homeowners should invest in a safe that is bolted down or installed into walls or floors to ensure that valuables stay where they belong.


Jan 22nd 2019 A1 Security

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