Improving School Communication and Security

When school crimes or violence occur, it disrupts the educational process and affects not just the individuals involved, but also bystanders, the school, and the surrounding neighborhood. Leaders in the education community realize safety of students and staff is paramount to a successful learning environment and the security of our nations schools, private and public, has become a top concern.

Schools use a variety of methods to improve security and reduce risks. Many have begun by taking the simple step of locking doors and other entries during school hours.

In fact, according to the Indicators of School Crime and Safety:

-2011, during the 2009-10 school year 92% of public schools locked their doors during school hours and 46% controlled access to school grounds with locked or monitored gates.

-Additionally, 63% of public schools now have an electronic notification system for school emergencies in place.

As these numbers increase year after year, so does the technology available to protect staff and students. As a communication veteran with more than forty years in the U.S., Aiphone provides intercom solutions ranging from simple, buzzer entry systems, to classroom intercoms, to enterprise level systems which consolidate all of a schools communication methods into one system.

Our latest security camera systems expand on this concept to include communication between the office and classrooms, overhead paging, scheduling of announcements and bells, school - or even district wide emergency communication, and much, much more. In fact, using an IP Security Intercom, all schools in a district can be tied to the main offices, allowing after hours communication to buildings and entries from a single location.

Please call us to learn more about how we can help you with our school security system solutions.

Sep 12th 2021 A1 Security

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