QNAP Upgraded All NAS Models with SSD Cache Accelerator

QNAP Upgraded All NAS Models with SSD Cache Accelerator


QNAP Systems, Inc. announced global SSD cache acceleration for both basic and enterprise users. QNAP's global SSD cache acceleration technology can share a single SSD volume/RAID with all volumes/iSCSI LUNs for a read-only or read-write cache which is more advanced compared with similar products on the market.

QNAP states that “lobal SSD cache acceleration technology lets users accelerate all of the volumes/LUNs on a NAS with a minimal number of SSDs. This cost-saving technology allows users to choose an efficient combination of high-capacity HDDs and high-speed SSDs for a personalized solution. Furthermore, configuring settings for the QNAP global SSD cache will not interrupt NAS services, thus a 24/7 uninterrupted environment is ensured.

Cache technologies offered by competitors often require multiple SSDs for caching multiple volumes/LUNs. For example, caching for N (a number) volumes/LUNs requires an equal number (N) of SSDs be installed on the NAS. This not only requires multiple disk bays (reducing the total capacity of the system) but also leads to higher setup costs. Design limitations of such technologies may also lead to service interruptions when configuring the cache service. These are huge inconveniences for IT staff.”

For further information please see the video below or visit QNAP website

Jan 23rd 2019 Seth Adams

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